Colposcopy referral & leaving UK


I am wondering if anyone has any advice. I’m 26 and just had my second cervical screening last month after my first one a year earlier showed high-risk HPV. I’m a UK citizen but I have left the UK as of this month, and I received a text today saying that I have been referred by my GP for colposcopy. I don’t have any further details yet as I didn’t receive a letter.

I’m currently travelling in Europe and then will be moving to Australia in October. I’m wondering whether it is going to be a huge issue to delay the colposcopy until I’m settled later this year, or if I need to get on this sooner. I’m quite worried about what the result might mean as I’m very prone to health anxiety so I hate the idea of sitting on it for months.

Any advice would be appreciated :slight_smile:


I would try and ring your GP and get more details on your results and why you have been referred for colposcopy. You say you have high risk HPV but you need to know what the smear test said as regards cell changes (I.e. were they borderline, low grade or high grade changes)? If borderline or low grade then maybe you could consider waiting until you’re in Australia.
Personally if it were me I’d want to get one sooner though (but I’m a massive worrier)!

I would say UK is a flight away from Europe but Australia is more difficult, could you hop back for a few days before you travel on?

Alternatively you could find somewhere private to pay for one where you are atm, it may be cheaper than flying back.

I was referred after high risk HPV 3 years running, you are 2 years so this is unusual as normally you are referred after the third one. I did end up having CIN3 after all smears saying no abnormal cells, so I would just organise it to put your mind at rest than leaving it to the end of the year tbh. But it’s already August and thinking back it was at least 6 weeks until I was booked in for mine so it depends when you go to Aus, again you could have a look at private clinics and see which country is best to get it done and let your GP know