7 month wait for referral???

Hey everyone... just curious if anyone else has had to wait this long for their coloscopy referral to come through?  I was CIN1 in november '13 then clear in June '14 and now borderline with HPV... called the hospital today for an estimated wait time and was told approx 34 weeks!!! That seems ridiculous since if I hadnt been referred id be told to come for a follow up smear before then!

I've read your other thread too so I know the background info you have put there. Borderline result is likely to be either milder than CIN1 changes, or CIN1 changes, so I guess theres no panic. It would not be likely to become a severe change in that time. But I think this is an absolutely ridiculous time to be told to wait considering the anxiety it will cause you in the meantime.

I believe the NHS targets say that women should be seen for colposcopy within eight weeks of an abnormal smear result so it might be worth bringing that up at a GP appointment?

I would go back to your GP and explain how anxious you are about waiting this long. To me it seems absolutely ridiculous. I was seen within about four weeks of a borderline smear with HPV. Not because it's likely to be anything serious; it isn't. But it IS likely to cause distress waiting for that long. xxx

That's ridiculous, you shouldn't have to wait that long. Smears are not always accurate, they can tell there's an issue but the degree of cervical prob isn't v reliable. I say this not to worry you, but I don't like misinformation as people can become too relaxed about it.


Make a fuss. Good luck.

I definitely cannot wait 8 months! Im hysterical already... I have booked a consultation at a private clinic... just a consultation and scan (not sure what kind) is costing over £300 and to get the actual colp will be a lot more but i cannot be left to feel like this for the next 8 months.  Im not going to become relaxed about it any time soon. My GP tried to reassure me when I went for my appointment this morning (before i realised how long id wait for colp) but i basically just sat there and cried for 30 mins-im sure the poor medical student that was with him was horrified haha!

I really don't feel you should have to pay to get a private colposcopy or anything: eight months seems completely out of line with NHS guidelines!! It might be worth going back through your GP to express your concerns. It should be a matter of weeks, not months. The NHS patient advice and liason service may be able to help. They are locally based, search for yours here: http://www.nhs.uk/service-search/patient-advice-and-liaison-services-%28pals%29/locationsearch/363

Really is absolutely rediculous you having to wait this long. I am sure the NHS can do better. Be a little bit pushy. You shouldn't be having to find hundreds of pounds to get it done privately. Xx

QI feel they can do better but I just keep being told 'you arent priority, this is just a routine colposcopy'.  I really feel like I am just a number and noone actually cares that I am beyond stressed... I completely understand though that there are people much worse off than me which makes me feel quite selfish that I just expect to be seen much more quickly... i tried looking that link up but it only covers England :-( but I will be trying to find my local one... at the minute Im still booked in for my consultation privately next week... even if it ends up just being a chat to someone who actually listens to me... And im all for this scan they will do-there is definitely something going on with my lady parts and I need to know what...

So where are you Alex?

Im in Northern Ireland

Ah, so still theoretically part of the UK's NHS then. I think in your shoes I'd start making a nuisance of myself ;-)

Be lucky!


Yep, only it seems the NHS here is beyond stretched when the waiting lists are this long... i feel like no matter how much of a nuisance i make of myself, noone really wants to listen-it took me 3 visits to the GP to get tested for a bacterial infection!  Even when I told them my symptoms I was still met with 'but you only had a borderline smear so it must be something else causing your other issues'.  Not being able to return to work is also elevating my stress levels as I still dont know if/when I will be able to... the best bit is, if id just gone back to work and reported my symptoms to a medic there then I would have been sent to a hospital within a week for a diagnosis! Ahhh!

I am so sorry to hear how this is affecting you Alexs, and it also makes me a little bit worried, as I just moved to Northern Ireland as well...

I hope everything will sort itself out for you. Best of Luck

Hiya,  I hope you manage to get an appointment sooner. For me, I always play the "I'm having fertility treatment" card... it's maybe stretching the truth slightly, but generally feel I'm owed some good luck. Perhaps you have a holiday or important wedding coming up?! ;-)



have you been seen yet. I am in the exact same boat and live in Northern Ireland. Went for smear beg. of Nov 2014. Referred beg. of Dec 2014..... Still waiting on my colposcopy appointment to come through. Have phoned several times been told I'm not a priority and that I still have a further 6-8 weeks to wait. Looking into going private which even my dr said I should perhaps do for my mental well-being. Disgusting!!