Colposcopy on Friday

Hi everyone,

I’ve been lurking for a couple of weeks but I have my colposcopy appt on Friday and getting a bit nervous.

This is a bit about my background:

Feb 2015 - regular smear, negative for hpv not tested for cells abnormalities (the norm for my area)

June 2015 - beginning of post-coital bleeding, not much but most of the time. Largely ignored it, I have a coil and put it down to that.

October 2015 - ++heavy bleed for 6 weeks - GP seen X 2. Norethisterone prescribed and tested for infection (negative), speculum exam - unable to visualise cervix (not much experience in doing them from what I could ascertain)

November 2015 - Returned to GP with more bleeding, passing large clots post coital and feeling dizzy etc. Repeat speculum and bloods (aneamic and iron prescribed) and referred to gynaecology.

December 2015 - choose and book appt letter, selected trust and awaiting appt. Start with dull and constant lower back pain. Yet more bleeding.

January 2015 - still no appt, after some chasing confirmed no appt given and next available 5th Feb.

So here I am after far too much googling fearing the worst. When I’m being logical I think I was negative for hpv, bleeding can be caused by lots of things and it’ll be something inoffensive and easy to treat. But part of me thinks they’ll be presenting me with that nervous concerned face (I know it well, I work in the NHS myself) and i will be starting a long road of appointments.

I’m also a little concerned about bleeding during the procedure - there’s only be about 3 days I haven’t bled this year - do you think I should call them before hand and check it’s ok to do like this?

No need to reply, I just wanted to write my anxieties down somewhere. X


I totally understand how your feeling about the coloscopy. I had my first coloscopy today.

To be honest the experience for me wasn't bad but it also wasn't pleasant. 

I had 2 biopsys taken  (they felt more like mild pinches).

My advice is to take someone with you for support (I probably wouldn't of gone through with it if it wasn't for my partner).

Take a pad. Some some painkillers with you and ask the Dr if you can take them after the procedure.

*breathe* nothing can prepare you for the unknown. I thought I was going to be calm today and I freaked out crying.

Once it's done it's done. You'll look back one day in the future and be glad you did.

Much love xxx