Waiting for Colposcopy

Hi all,
I have been reading these posts and was feeling reassured but find it so difficult not to worry. I had my smear in January and somehow knew it would come back abnormal. I have never bled after a smear before and had stomach cramping, again which i’d never before experienced after a smear. The results came through as low grade dyskariosis, and presence of HPV. I think I wouldn’t normally have been concerned but I have also been having bleeding after sex, which I have never mentioned when I’ve been to my GP as I honestly hadn’t been too worried by it. Now with the abnormal smear I am extremely worried.
I think I am just over thinking things. I was meant to have my colposcopy yesterday but they rang an hour before my appointment and cancelled it and now I have to wait another 3 weeks. The waiting is killing me. I am in my final year as a student nurse and should be writing essays and dissertation now but I just can’t concentrate. I really thought that I’d have had my colposcopy yesterday and at least have an idea if I actually have anything to be worried about.

Aw sorry your app got cancelled :( How stressful for you

Focus on the fact the smear showed low grade. The bleeding could be anything.. like an erosion. It doesn't have to be sinister.

Wishing you all the best xx