Colposcopy next Wed

Hi. So on and off over 5 years I’ve had abnormal cells so yearly smears. Had a smear 3 weeks ago and now got an appointment next Wed for colposcopy. It says theres high grade change in cells, nothing about HPV but a leaflet that says it could be that?

Just wondering what to expect. Not worried or embarrassed about the colposcopy, 4 kids so no shame left lol

Just worried they might want a biopsy

In many areas of the country at the moment, if they find high grade changes they don't bother testing the sample for HPV as they assume it is present  - over 98% of cases.

At colposcopy the doctor will visually assess your cervix and, if they see abnormal areas - which is likely with a high grade screening result - they will take biopsies. In some cases, if the visual assessment is clear cut, they may want to proceed to treatment with lletz there and then. This is what happened to me. I did not find the treatment painful - tho the local anaesthetic needle is a bit stingy and the adrenaline they put in it makes your heart race. I have not had biopsies so don't know from personal experience what they feel like but i believe it ranges from nippy to painful depending on the individual as they are generally done without anaesthetic .

Hope everything goes smoothly for you on Wednesday .


Hi i had a colposcopy and a biopsy that i was not expecting just over 4 weeks ago (still waiting for results) the needle was a bit stingy but i didnt feel the biopsy atall. The biopsy was on my vulva rather than my cervix though. The nurses an doctor were great though and that really helped because i started panicking when they said biopsy! The next couple of days were more painful though because of the location of the biopsy but nothing a few paracetamols an ibuforen cant sort out. Hope everything goes well x

Thanks girls. I'm going in expecting some sort of procedure then that's the "worst" that can happen at appointment 

It's the not knowing that's the worst xx

Afternoon ladies, I had clinic last Thursday which resulted in 3 cervical biopsy's and a aspiration womb one. Was not expecting any of those at all, but visible changes could be seen. 
I was referred via a doctors app just the Monday before. So very quick for me. 

Worried like all you, and struggling to think off anything else at present. I had one biopsy 6 years ago but being 4 the fear is quadrupled. 


Lilly how was your biopsy? How are you feeling waiting on results xx

Evening Tink, 

I am still waiting on the results, they said two weeks which two weeks is Thursday this week! The first 10 days were a real struggle, my moods have been so up and down it's worn me out! Only a few people know, but have kept it away from my children who there are young adults and my little boy as they fear the C word brings death. We've lost a few immediate family to cancer so really don't want them worrying too. 
been hard as they just think I'm hard to deal with at mo haha. 
the bleeding from biopsy's lasted 10 days, and now I'm back to spotting again. All a reminder that things aren't right. 

my job is being in the eye of the public and physically demanding, so a happy face for those too has been tough! 

however I do feel I am closer to getting my results more than anything now. Fingers crossed!! 



Forgot to ask, how did your treatment go on the 17th? Do you feel relieved it's over? Any pain xx