Colposcopy for symptoms question


I just recently had a colposcopy due to a couple incidents of bleeding after sex. I've had a recent pap done, HPV- both negative- and at the colposcopy, the dr did not even biopsy as he said my cervix looks fine. He did look at it with the microscope and dabbed the stuff on it. My question is, does anyone know if they look inside the endocervix or is it just the outside they can see? I'd love to feel 100% sure the bleeding was no big deal but I was tested for everything and nothing has come infection, nothing. Am I being too paranoid? I didnt think to ask if he had a good look all the way up the canal but I worry about those types of cervical that are higher up and can sometimes be missed. Am I being too paranoid or is it time to let this bleeding incident go? 

Hi Tonicgirl :-)

Sure, bleeding after sex is a scary situation, but when that bleeding is caused by cervical cancer it is (to the best of my knowledge) because the lesion is large enough to come into contact with the activity going on in there. So if your cervix looks fine then the bleeding is unlikely to be caused by something hiding higher up in the endocervix, unless you are indulging in some rough stuff, in which case that is more likely to be the cause.

Your doc won't take a biopsy unless something worthy of a biopsy is visible.

I suggest you continue to monitor the situation. See how often sex results in bleeding. If it isn't every time then try to remember what you are doing differently when it does and doesn't happen. See if you can adopt different styles and see if that makes any difference.

Hope that helps!
Be lucky :-)