help please I am so scared

So I have always had clean smear, last in August. But I have been bleeding after sex. This happened over a year ago too but stopped. Anyway I was checked by a nurse who found a polyp. My GP though is certain it isn’t the cause and is sending me for colposcopy. He said because of clean smear chance of cc is remote but my concern is if it isn’t that and I really hope it isn’t, then what could be causing this bleeding. This makes me think it must be cc because they can find no other cause. I am going crazy with worry and it is affecting my family too because I can’t function waiting for the letter and then I will have to wait for results. Has anyone had this and if it wasn’t cc , found out the cause of the bleeding after sex?

Thank you

K x

If your smears are normal then be reassured. A polyp or a cervical ectropian can cause bleeding during sex, they'll send you for a colposcopy because it's just easier to visualise the cervix with a colposcopy than in the GP surgery. 

Please don't worry until you have more answers from the colposopy.

Lots of hugs! x