Colposcopy during pregnancy

Hi ladies,

I was diagnosed with CIN3 at my colposcopy 8 weeks ago.

Tomorrow I am having my biopsy at 13 weeks pregnant.

I’ve read that the side effects are bleeding and cramping. I’m just not sure how much is normal and how much could mean a miscarriage? I know it only carries a small risk of miscarriage but it is worrying me somewhat.

Just praying they don’t tell me at the appointment that it looks worse than 8 weeks ago! I’ve been getting a sharp twinge type pain in my cervix, not sure if it’s pregnancy related or something else.

Many Thanks

Hi Claire, 

have you asked them what would happen if you delay the procedure?

Hi claire just wondering how you got on? Im also 12 weeks now and have my colposcopy appointment next week biopsy hasnt been mentioned so not sure wether they will do one, hoping nothing has changed since my last appointment X

Hi Ladies,

i had my colposcopy followed by a biopsy, two biopsies were taken. It does still look to be CIN3 but anything sinister needs ruling out. If my results come back CIN3, they'll see next again at 30 weeks.

Im feeling a little sore today, some cramping and passing some brown tissue but otherwise okay...I think! They didn't really give me an option to delay and just said it was needed?

My otherhalf saw the screen and passed out, perhaps  don't look at the screen lol! Made the experience easier though, i was too busy laughing to worry about the biopsy :) 


Hi Claire, fingers crossed biopsys come back as just CIN 3, must admit im not one to want to look at the monitor either lol, hopefully the cramping passes for you soon, best wishes :) x

Hi Beth,

Keep me posted on things with you?

So I've had some red bleeding, I completely panicked and thought there was something wrong. I saw obstetrics today who did a scan and the baby was fine! If you have a biopsy, it's completely normal to bleed and pass tissue for a couple of days! 



Hi claire, glad baby is doing well they are stronger then what we think :) must admit im feeling very nervous for monday, i will update when i have seen them, sorry you had the bleeding i would of been the same, good they are keeping a good eye on us ladies, Beth x

Ah its normal to feel nervous! Nobody likes having a stranger looking around down there! Lighten the mood, have a giggle about accidentally popping in the consultants face...but please don't actually do it ;)

Haha now theres a thought! Will try think happy thoughts x

Fingets crossed for you! Let me know how you get on? 

Wondering how long I'll be waiting for my biopsy results, no neww is good news I guess! x

Hi Claire, had my appointment today with a lovely consultant, all still looks the same as my first colposcopy, they didnt take biopsys and they will now check in on me when im 28 weeks :) she also said 6 weeks after i give birth they will repeat the smear and not jump straight into treatment as labour can often get rid of the cells, feeling alot more relieved and now i can start to enjoy my pregnancy more, hope your not waiting to much longer on your results x

Its been four weeks and two days since my biopsies...i still haven't heard anything. they said 4-6 weeks but surely if it's bad I'd have heard?!

its really stressing me out! im now 17 weeks pregnant and expecting a baby girl, whilst we are over the moon, we just can't enjoy it until we know we can carry on Xx

Can totally understand youd be frustrated my consultant has told me not to worry but i still do, trying not to think about it, if there not worried im trying not to be lol but like you say no news is good news :) have you tried ringing and seeing if they have your results? Take a deep breath and try and stay positive, congratulations on your baby girl :) we are having a surprise x

HI Beth,

so lovely to know you're keeping keeping baby a surprise! 

I had a call back from the hospital today, the biopsy confirmed CIN3, better than the dreaded C word but i had hoped it would be lower. I've got a further colposcopy appointment being sent for around 30 weeks to do another biopsy. Just worried it'll change during the pregnancy. Thought I'd feel relieved but instead I feel tearful.

hope you're okay xx

awww your bound to be tearful, it is an emotional roller coaster waiting for results, being pregnant just adds to it all! So glad to here nothing sinister was picked up, we are in good hands and hopefully these next few months passes quickly for us both, i have my next colposcopy at 28 weeks  so 11 weeks away yet, keep me updated x

Hi Beth,

How is the pregnancy going? Any further colposcopy appointments? 

Im 28 weeks pregnant now and have colposcopy on Thursday. If it still looks the same I can progress until the end and have treatment once baby is born. Fingers crossed! 

Hi Dougal180 :) so far pregnancy has been plain sailing and great! Have to have a few extra scans but thats not due to the abnormalities, i will also be 28 weeks this week i have my next colposcopy on the 17th so not to far away now, im really nervous if im honest hoping all goes well, how did your colposcopy go? Hope everything is ok x

Hi Beth, 


How was your appointmen? X

Hiya, Colpolscopy went as well as it could, everything still looks the same as my previous colposcopys, my consultant wont see me until 3 months after baby is born to do treatment now, how did your appointment go x

Hi Beth,

Im glad it went well. The consultant thinks it is still not invasive but it has covered more of my cervix. I am booked for surgery under GA 6 weeks after delivery. Having a lot of pregnancy complications so I've got two consultants arguing over when I should have the baby and how I can deliver. I don't think I will make it to 40 weeks so treatment will be done sooner xx