CIN2 detected when pregnant


I went for a colposcopy/punch biopsy in January after a smear revealed to have some borderline changes. 

The results have some back slightly worse that original smear suggested, showing that there is CIN2 present. The letter said that because the results were quite different to what smear suggested, there were going to discuss my case in front of a ‘panel of experts’ and let me know ‘the outcome of their decision and whether I warrant any treatment’ . I couldn’t figure out whether this was a good or bad thing and I am still waiting on the outcome of this meeting. 

However, life has thrown me a curveball and I have now found out I am about 5 weeks pregnant! It wasn’t planned, but my partner and I are over the moon. Problem is, I have no idea what will happen in regards to treating the CIN2. I’m terrified I’m going to have to make some kind of awful life decision. 

I don’t know how much you can treat a pregnant patient or whether they will tell me leave it for 9 months and potentially cause danger to myself. 

My mind is working over time and can’t sleep. I’m waiting for the results of this meeting but ideally I need to talk to someone to tell them my circumstances have changed. 

Does anyone have any similar experiences or know what might be suggested to me? 


Thanks in advance! 

Congrats!  My dr waited until after delivery to treat but I did have a few colposcopies during pregnancy to watch it.  

Thank you for reply. Do you mind me asking how the results of colposcopies during pregnancy went? Did the CIN2 get any worse for instance? 

I didn’t have any biopsies during pregnancy.  She just looked to make sure it didn’t get significantly worse.  After pregnancy, she did a biopsy that showed cin 2 and cin 3 and did a leep/lletz.  That actually did come back as cancer. Very small amount and she was really surprised by it. I am having a hysterectomy soon because I’m done having children but if I wasn’t - they would try to preserve fertility. 

Ahh yes I understand. Thank you for replying. So sorry to hear that the results turned out to be worse than you thought. Glad they managed to catch it and treat it suitably for you though. 

Thank you!  I will say my dr had 3 patients at the time with the same situation.  She told me the other 2 were completely fine after pregnancy!  Sending positive vibes your way. 

Thank you lovely! 

Hi hun

I'm in the exact same situation. I'm 12 weeks and have abnormal smear result. They didn't biopsy it bit said CIN 1 or maybe CIN 2. 

Got to leave it till after birth.

I'm very scared of it getting worse due to leaving it! Or it being worse than they think.

How are you getting on?

Melissa x