Colposcopy and punch biopsy whilst pregnant

Hi all. This is my first time using this site and I’m hoping someone can offer some words of advice or wisdom.
A week after the joy of discovering I was pregnant with our second child, I received my smear results of severe abnormalities.
Today I had my colposcopy and the Dr took a biopsy, which he said he would only do if it was completely necessary due to the risk of miscarriage. So that fact that he needed to take it at all terrifies me. I asked him if he thought it looked like invasive cancer and he said he didn’t… can they tell that from the colposcopy?
So now I will await the results of the biopsy but with the added worry of an increased risk of losing the baby.
What I would like to know is if anyone has been in a similar situation? Also I have mild cramping following the procedure which I imagine is normal?
Thanks in advance xx


I am in the same situation. I have just been to the colposcopy clinic today and the DR has said he is positive it is CIN3. He only looked at my cervix and did not take anything. They have give me the option to terminate and get treatment or carry on with treatment after the baby is born. I am 6 weeks pregnant. The thought is terrifying me and to make decision when I do not know what the outcome may be is awful. I am now thinking why the DR did not take anything from me. I do know how you must be feeling. Xx