Colposcopy carried out and biopsies taken, also cervical ectropion

Hi ladies just after some info, I'm 25 years old, I have been bleeding irregularly for months so rang the doctors who made me an appointment that day. The doctor was brilliant and made me have an examination there and then by a female doctor. She said my cervix was inflamed and due to my bleeding and pains she will refer me to hospital. I had a colposcopy taken 2 weeks ago now and 2 biopsies taken. During the colposcopy i could see something red on the screen she said it was an ectropion. I am worrying like mad as since all of tests my sister has been diagnosed with cervical cancer which was missed and has now spread. Does any one know how long the normal time is to wait for biopsy results (even if cancerous) and also if there is any link to ectropions being cancerous? Any advice would be appriciated 



Hi, I had cervical erosion and it’s not cancerous it can go on it’s own x

Hi, did you hear back about your results?