Colposcopy call back 9yrs after hysterectomy

Hi Everyone,

huge apologies if I've posted this in the wrong forum...I couldn't work out where I sat ??‍♀️

briefley I was diagnosed stage 1a1 in July 2005 aged 24 after my first smear since moving to Wales. Was told I'd have a hysterectomy by 30 and to hurry up having children. Monitored every 3-6 moths with several treatments until and between having my 2 children. As predicted aged 30 with my youngest being one it had returned to stage 1b1 and I had the hysterectomy but kept my ovaries.

im now 9yrs + treatment and in the middle of the first lockdown had bleeding after sex. Couldn't see a Gp until July and she referred me on the cancer 2 week pathway. I then had MRI, Ultra Sound, bloods and Vault smear. All clear apart from the vault which was inconclusive. Was invited for a colposcopy which I attended and expected to be clear as they all (student doctors included!) said they could see nothing. Now I have an appointment again for colposcopy - which I'm maybe wrongly assuming is to give me bad news ?

Can't believe im potentially in this situation again only aged 39! my question is has anybody experienced this before? Should I BE worried? I'm not overly worried as all other tests came back clear but I'm petrified of having ovarian problems...can you even get cell changes there?!

thank you for any advice you can give xx


Hi, I don't have any helpful information for u but I didn't want to read and run. I'm going in tomorrow to talk about treatment options due to reccurent high grade disease. I have an autoimmune disease so they think I can't clear the HPV and that the cells would just migrate somewhere else if they remove my womb. Not sure what else they can do for me really. Will find out tomorrow. Hopefully your appointment is just because of the inconclusive result... They may want to do another test because of ur history. Fingers crossed for u x