Back to colposcopy (fertility and pregnancy mentioned)

Hi everyone,


Unfortunately I have been asked to go back for a colposcopy on the 7th June after my last smear (normal smear but HPV present). I had treatment for a big area of CIN 2 6 years ago. I know HPV does not indicate that I have cervical cancer or even changes, but I've been with my partner since my previous treatment - even had the vaccine "just in case" and yet still have HPV... how can I have it for so long and not have any cell changes? I'm not so worried about CC as I know it takes a long time to develop and I've had lots of docs look "down there" recently but the thought of having another lletz is really upsetting.


I'm so worried about this as I've just been through two rounds of IVF and am currently having a miscarriage after my second IVF in April.  We have no children.

I am distraught and the thought of having a colposcopy and the potential of having to have more treatment is hugely distressing right now when I feel so low about my body and everything.


Has anyone got any words of wisdom, advice or support? I feel really really alone in this and feel like my reproductive area is a lost cause - sorry to be so negative :-(


J xxx


Although our situations are very different I want you to know you should never feel alone, we are all women going through a tough time and are here to support eachother. I hope everything runs smoothly for you xxx