Colposcopy biopsy

Hi all, can anyone help? I had abnormal smear result 2 days before Christmas. I had a colopscopy 10 days ago and they seem 2 areas of abnormalities so they took 2 biopsies. I was told I'd get the result by letter around 3 weeks time. Tonight, just 10 days after the biopsies, I get a text from GP surgery saying they'd had a letter from the hospital and I need to see a dr to discuss. I wondered what this was all about as wasn't 3 weeks like I was told. I called the hospital as gp surgery closed and they said my biopsy results were back so probably why I'd had a text. Anyone had similar? How did you get results? 

Hi Marie, 


I'm still waiting on my results but I was given LLETZ and Diathermy Ablation treatment during my first colposcopy. 


After reading a lot re others experiences on this site, i believe your GP will often ring you to discuss the results if there is no indication on their letter that a copy of the letter has been sent to you. 


From what I can gather if it is cancer, people are usually contacted by the hospital and not their GP. 


I hope that helps. I know how worrying the waiting is. Xxx