Colposcopy appointment

Hi everyone,


I received a boarderline smear result and evidence of HPV infection just over a week a go and I have now received my colposcopy appointment which is on the 25th June. Quite nervous about it. I phoned my GP last week to speak to a doctor about my results as I was worried and wanted to know what they had heard from the lab. The doctor who rang me back said borderline changes and high risk HPV even though they didn't state which strain I have. I told him about the fact I had a scuba diving holiday booked at the start of August so would it be okay to delay treatment if I need it for after I come back as treatment would probably mean a ruined trip? I was told he doesn't see it as a problem as it is slow growing and 6 weeks delay shouldn't make a difference. He said talk to the consultant at my appointment to discuss it further. He then said if you need treatment you must get it done as it WILL turn to CC. On hearing that I panicked and asked if it said that on my notes and he said no but I am just saying medically I know this as I am a doctor.  I am not sure if he said that to scare me into getting treatment if needed as he thought I'd avoid treatment, but I told him I will get treatment if I need it. I will.


Anyway what are they likely to do at my appointment? Under what circumstances will they take a biopsy? How long do they take to heal and how long will it take on average to receive results?


Also do I need to tell my travel insurance anything at this stage?


Thanks xx


I habe been in the same situation and borderline changes are very low on the scale but until they do a colposcopy they won't know as a smear is just a sweep of the cells. 

When you have a colposcopy they put a solution on your cervix which turns any dodgy cells (that's what I call them anyway) white and depending on how quick they turn white will determine whether they do the letz there and then.  If they are not sure they take punch biopsies and send them to the lab. So all of that can take a few weeks anyway. This is my take on but if you look at colposcopy on nhs website it gives you a more detailed description. 

I got biopsy results back after 2 weeks but it can take 4weeks. The colpscopy apart from the embarrassing part is nothing to worry about.  I am sure when you have your appointment you will be able to ask about delaying treatment etc. Biopsy heals very quickly I think a few days whereas letz is 4 weeks  

not sure about insurance sorry 

All the best xxx

Thanks so if they offered me Letz on the day I could potentially be healed before my holiday? I go just over 5 weeks after my Colposcopy. Is 4 weeks the average healing time?

To be honest I was ok after the 2 week mark had no bleeding etc. But they say 4 weeks no swimming as could cause infection. You could call them to get an earlier appointment explain the situation i did and got a cancelation as I was going away and didn't mind not swimming as was in UK! But wanted to have a bit of healing time afterwards. X

Thing is with my holiday, I will be living on a boat for a week and will be in and out of the water for 6 days and be underwater for upto 4 hours a day. I want to enjoy this holiday yet if I need treatment I want to be cured ASAP. If it is the week after I get back I'll be fine with that. What's the likelihood  a borderline  smear will need treatment? xx

You know I really don't know the odds on needing treatment but I have seen Lots of posts where people go and it's CIN 1 and doesn't need any treatment as cells usually return to normal by themselves. But I personally did need treatment, but if I were you I would try and get a sooner appointment as of 4 weeks I felt ready to do everything I did before So even in worse case you do need treatment you would have time to recover. 

would be a shame to miss out as that holidays sounds amazing. 

Will pray you don't need any treatment x

If I could I would but I am doing some further dive training for my holiday next weekend so this week wouldn't be ideal just incase they do a biopsy. Next week is fine for a check up. Thank you Sarah. I am glad I have found this forum. My partner of 2 years doesn't seem to understand how this is making me feel. He keeps saying nothing is wrong with me and I am worrying about nothing. He says worry if they confirm anything which is really insensitive. These words make me upset as all I want is a hug and reassurance from him. xx

My husband was the same sometimes I think men don't really get it. It took me getting v upset and a big arguement (unfortunately) before he understood a bit more. My husband would just go v quiet whenever I mentioned it and he said he didn't know what to say but like you I just wanted a hug.  Maybe you could explain to him why you are upset and that sometimes he just needs to give you a hug. Before the big row happens like with me! xx

Hi, everyone seems to get told different things depending on what clinic they go to.  I went for colposcopy about 3 weeks ago now, the consultant had a really long chat with me before she did the examination and at that point you'll have the chance to ask all the question you need to and express your concerns about your holiday.  I was told before she even had the colposcopy that she was pretty certain that she would need to do the lletz procedure plus biopsies that day.  Unfortunately I had been having bleeding after sex plus between periods for about 6 months but my own gp who I went to about it straight away had sent me away and refused to give me a smear as it was 5 or 6 months early!! I begged her to do it and she point blank refused 'due to funding', ofcourse when the time came to get the smear it came back abnormal.  Anyway I was in a similar position and I'm due to go on holiday at the end of June (altho not quite as exotic or as exciting as your). However I do have a lodge booked with private hot tub, and a gorgeous spa/swimming pool on site that I was really looking forward to only to be told that I would have to avoid both the hot tub and pool for 6-8weeks  after lletz/biopsies, I was obviously gutted as that's my holiday spoiled, I asked if I could delay until I came back and she said she wouldn't advise that under the circumstances as enough time had been wasted, but she would talk to me about it as she did the colposcopy. Anyway I had to have LLETZ done that day plus the biopsy :-(  Iv had terrible pain for the last few weeks which turned out to be an infection so I'm on antibiotics now.  The bleeding isn't showing any sign of let up at the moment - but they said that can continue for 6 weeks or longer in some cases.  So if your consultant says your not at any risk and postponing wouldnt make a great deal of difference that's what I'd do, I certainly wouldn't want to be away on holiday feeling the way I do just now.   They told me I wouldn't get biopsy results back until 6 LONG Weeks, the waiting is driving me mad.  Let us know how you get on, and good luck xx


Hi there - I am CIN3 and have delayed treatment by 3 weeks - when I went for the biopsy the colposcopist told me that it would be OK to wait until afterwards.  Obviously your situation is different to mine but I don't think that waiting a few weeks hold much risk (I'm not a doctor though so please don't take my word for it).

I hope you can go on your holiday and enjoy it and good luck with the treatment (mine is scheduled for 8th July)



I was exactly the same. I went for my colposcopy appointment and had told her that I was going away mid July for 3 weeks. She thinks it's CIN2/3 so I will need the op under general anesthetic, but she told me that I could book it in for as soon as I am back in August. She mentioned that I wouldn't be able to fly or swim for 4 weeks after treatment. Got to wait for my biopsy results first though. It's been a week so far.... On another note, the colposcopy went fine - even though I was dreading it too. I seen it all on camera, and she explained what she was seeing and doing. Good luck for your appointment. I phoned and had cancellation with my appointment due to my holiday. Phone and see if you can get in this week.