Colposcopy and period?

Hi guys, 

on Thursday I have a colposcopy follow up from january where they found CIN 1,(nothing to biopsy) and evidence of HPV. They took a smear at the time... Unfortunately it came back inadequate hence why my follow up on Thursday, like the rest of us it is causing me a lot of stress, still since this all started 18 months ago. 

So the dilemma... I have just finished a period, my first one in 6 months due to the mini pill. I am at the end of it. Very light brown discharge... Not enough for a liner or a tampon... I really don't want to reschedule my appointment... has anyone else been in this position and still had their colposcopy? 


Thanks in advance x



Yep, I was.  I had the very light brown end of period discharge when I went for my colp but the consultant said it was absolutely fine... I actually thought it had stopped but then the consultant asked me when he put the speculum in...*cringe*... he just had to clear the discharge up beforw he could put on the solution etc. If you arent sure though, call the colp clinic and ask if its ok. Its only monday now tho, so chances are the discharge will be fine by Thursday