Colposcopy and loop excision biopsy results

I went for a smear on the 26th of July, I got a phone call from the hospital on the 26th August to say the smear had found high grade (severe) dyskaryosis and booked me in for a colposcopy on the 30th August, I went and had the colposcopy and loop excision at the same time, I got told the biopsy would be sent to the lab and I would receive a letter through the post about the findings…well after nearly 6 weeks of going out of my mind waiting I’ve just had a letter come through the post which is a copy of what the hospital has sent to the doctors, it says,

‘I now have the result of the biopsy from the loop excision that was collected on 30th August. The result confirms CIN II and III which is in keeping with the colposcopy findings. She will need a smear in six months time and we will send her an appointment in due course to attend the Nurse Led Smear Clinic’.

I already got my smear appointment through the post a week after the loop excision for the 1st march. It’s says nothing about clear margins etc like other people have said. Does this mean they got all the bad cells? Ive been waiting so long for results and now all this has done is confuse me more :frowning: xx

hi there- 

sounds similar to my experience. I waited six weeks for my results and it said the loop procedure confirmed CIN 1 (not CIN 1/2 like original biopsy) and to attend a smear in 6 months .

i have moved on with life assuming they would need to do another lletz if margins werent clear and wouldn't leave me for six months. 

I would say try and move on from it - (i genuinely couldn't tell torment my Mind anymore!) but if you're worried still maybe phone colposcopy unit to confirm all successfully removed.


8th June 16- moderate dysk smear result 

24th June 16 - colposcopy and 2x punch biopsies 

13th July 16- biopsy results state cin 1/2

9th aug 16- lletz procedure 

20th sept 16 - removal of cin1. Follow up smear 6 months 

Hi Zoe, 

thank you for your reply, I think it's all just annoyed me that everything has been very impersonal...I don't understand why no one, ie. doctors or consultant have explained anything to me about what CIN 2 and 3 are, I've just had forwarded letters and have had to find all my information on here. I've rang my doctors this morning and am waiting for a phone consultation in the hope they can explain more about the biopsy, so I can hopefully try to forget about it for the next 6 months x

Did you get a better answer?  So far I've not felt fully informed once, feels like there sugar coating and reading from a script


to be honest...not really! All the doctor said was there are different grades of 'bad cells' mine were the most severe being CIN 3 which is why they did the colposcopy and loop excision at the same time, when I asked if the hospital had said anything about having got them all, he just said 'they haven't said but I presume they must have removed them otherwise they would of had you back in' (helpful :/) he then told me to forget about it until march when I have my follow up smear as that will show if they have. I also found out that my doctors got the results from the hospital on the 14th September which was only 15 days after my biopsy, I didn't get them until the 8th October...a whole 3 and a half weeks after the doctors! This has really angered me, why leave me in limbo like that? So I strongly suggest phoning the hospital for your results if you feel it's taking to long/ you can't wait any longer and ask as many questions as you want, at the end of the day it might just be a job to them but its happening to you and you have a right to know what going on with your own body...I just wish I did 3 weeks ago :( good luck with everything x

Hello there, they really don't help the anxiety with their lack of clarity do they! If you had cin3 and were called back in 6 months the margins would have been clear. While I understand your frustration is in not having this confirmed or communicated to you formally I hope you can gain a little bit of comfort in knowing that if the margins weren't clear of cin3 they would have called you back in earlier. 

Regarding the waiting time for letter. This is something I used to get quite angry about but recently have taken a different approach. My gp got my results three days after my most recent checkup, I know this because they sent me a completely unnecessary text (which didn't tell me the result, just that I needed further tests) I'm two weeks later and still haven't recieved the letter from the hospital. I know it's just being sat waiting to go out. The reason this doesn't bother me as much any more is because I would much rather the lady that's about to find out she has cancer doesn't have to wait as long as me who is likely to find out nothing is wrong. Essentially the letters are sent out in order of priority. This way of thinking has helped me when it comes to waiting for results. That said, it's still a horrible wait and my life pretty much comes to a halt xxx