cold knife cone

Has anyone had a cold knife cone? How was it? I am very worried and mine is scheduled for Nov 6th. How was the procedure and how did you feel afterward? Did it give adequate results?

Hi Yankees,

I had a cold knife cone biopsy last week to remove the remainder of my cc and precancerous cells. I had this procedure under general anaesthetic along with lymph node dissection.

The cone was just fine, zero pain whatsoever. Expect a bit of discharge/light bleeding afterwards, but other that that I’d not have known I’d even had the procedure done.

I’m still recovering from the lymph node removal which despite having had via keyhole, still takes a bit of time to heal & recover from.

Hope to helps, don’t be afraid, it’s really not that bad. You’ll be fine, I wish you all the best.

Lisa x x

List thank you that does make me feel a little better . I also noticed you had a chest Cray and MRI. Did your doctor send you or did you request them? I had a biopsy of a polyp as well and my on sent me to an oncologist who is doing the cold knife cone as a diagnostic just curious
Thanks a again

Hi Yankees,

Yes my Doc sent me for chest X-ray & MRI once cc was confirmed - the chest X-ray was to rule out any spread & to ensure I was fit for an operation. The MRI was of the pelvic area to check for any local spread - into womb, vagina or to bowel or bladder, MRI is also used to check lymph nodes, although often a biopsy of lymphs is also required.

The cone was fine, will you have it under general anesthetic? I had no pain or discomfort following it, just mild bleeding/discharge. I had my cone as treatment rather than to diagnose (still waiting to hear if it’s successful).

Good luck, let me know how it goes and if you have any other questions please just shout!

Lisa x x x


Thank you so much. I get nervous at the idea of surgery. That makes me feel a bit better that it was zero pain. I hope everything comes back all clear for you!