Doctor being vague after Cone— worried

Hey Ladies!

I just had a cone biopsy today for CIN III.

First off, for those scheduled to have it under general anesthesia do NOT worry. It was a complete breeze for me and I have yet to feel any of the breath taking major cramps I’d convinced myself I would feel! Mostly I’m just crampy in my upper legs/pelvis.. nothing worse than a period. No real bleeding yet, but I’m also less than 24 hours post op so I’m not holding my breath;)

My real reason for posting though is because my doctor seemed strange after the operation. He told my father (my driver) that the surgery “went as well as it could have” and they “got as much as they possibly could”... am I being sensitive or does that sound a little worrisome?

Pair that with the fact that during my pre op appointment as well as just this morning prior surgery they told me they’d go over results at the 2 week post op appointment, and then after surgery they told me to call the office in 5 days... I’m freaking a little. 

Has anyone had a similar experience? Surely they wouldn’t be able to actually tell then and there if it was full blown cancer? (I was told before if there was it would be at a microscopic level)