Cold Knife Conization - CIN 2 - High Risk HPV

*This post may contain TMI for the sensitive reader*


Hello ladies, 

I know there are several, much older posts regarding similiar topics, but I just recently had this procedure andwas hoping to get some support/info from other ladies who have had the same thing. I was diagnosed with high risk HPV in my early 20s.. had abnormal PAP for years without treatment (I didn't have insurance or money), then finally when I was 27 I had LEEP done in the spring of that year. Healing and everything was normal and I had normal PAPs for a few years after. I am now 33 and had abnormal PAP come back about a year and a half ago.. we monitored it, did the colposcopy, 6 months after the colp I finally mustered up the courage to schedule my procedure. On Monday, Feb 25th I had Cold Knife Conization done by my OB/GYN under general anesthesia at the Hospital. She said I bled a little more than expected so she had to cauterize me along with stitches.

I am just a little concerned with the discharge situation.. I know it is common to have dark colored, grainy discharge for some time after the procedure, as well as light bleeding/spotting. Everything seemed pretty normal until today when I noticed I am mostly having a very watery, BLACK discharge coming out.. it does smell slightly foul but truth be told I have had an issue with slightly smelly discharge for years (almost like a sour smell that comes and goes). (Doctors have never been able to help me out with this since they never seem to find a specific infection.)

I was going to call my doctor tomorrow if the discharge doesn't start to get better by tomorrow afternoon. 

My main concerns are.. How mangled is my poor cervix going to be after all this? Will I be able to have kids if I want? Has anyone noticed a change in sex drive? I am experiencing some minor cramps and discomfort about 5 days after but this is normally only if I have been moving around a lot (I live in a townhouse so I have been going up and down stairs). I am careful not to carry anything too heavy as well. How long does it take for most people to experience a reduction in discharge? How do I know when the odor is something to be worried about? Also, has anyone had this procedure for CIN2 or 3 and had the cells come back years later? I'm terrified at the thought of having more of my cervix removed later down the road.

I guess I am just looking for anyone else out there who has recently gone through this as well who can offer any insight, or if anyone is currently going through this as well and just needs someone to talk to. It can be hard to talk to family and friends about the dirty details involving something so personal.

Thanks for "listening" to me! 



So I went to the doctor yesterday and turns out I have a bacterial infection (bacterial vaginosis) Lucky we caught it early on though. She gave me some antibiotics (metronidazole) to take for a week and went the swab out to the lab to make sure verify the exact type of bacteria and make sure we treat it right. 

I've also purchased some probiotics (one for gut health and one for vaginal balance) since I know antibiotics can week havoc on your good bacteria. 

If you're experience something similar I looked into the specific strains of probiotic bacteria that are beneficial to the vagina... L. Rhamnosus, L.reuteri, and L. Acidophilus. These are the ones you want to make sure your probiotic has.