Cold coagulation - Infection

Hi ladies,


I had my cold coagulation treatment last Wednesday (6 days ago) i have the watery yellow discharge but i can really smell it all the time, it has a really distinc smell i have no other symptons i feel ok (mum thinks i have a touch of depression) i have no fever, no pain, no bleeding nothing

i have been having a shower every day some times twice and im changing my pads regularley but i can just smell it all the time

Do you think i could have an infection? Has anyone else had an infection after cold coagulation treatment? If so what symptons did you have?


Thanks in advance 

Hi Amanda although I have never had cold coagulation I can definitely say that the smell of the discharge following both my lletz procedures which involved cautery was very noticeable to me and seemed to go on for weeks. If you have no other symptoms I would say it is normal for this treatment. There were lots of ladies on here when I had my lletz who said the same just search the forum. Good luck and take care x

Thanks Cherryelem

Ive called my Gp just to be on the safe side, the only thing i have as well as the discharge is i have had a headache every day since having the treament not sure if its just a tension thing or sign of infection or what