Watery discharge following treatment!

Hi everyone. I had cold coagulation for a cervical erosion and CIN1 cells last Tuesday. I had a tiny bit of period pain on the same day and nothing since apart from a little pain every now and again in the right side of my groin but it's not ongoing. No bleeding at all. However, a lot of watery discharge. A day or so after the treatment it was completely clear but quite a bit. The amount is still the same but has now become a yellow colour. Not bright yellow but like lemon. Certainly has a smell to it. Not sure it's overpowering or offensive but it's smell is apparent. I only smell it on the pad when I go to the loo. No fever or anything like that but just wondering If anyone else had this issue following cold coagulation or other treatment for abnormalities? How long will this last?  Thankyou. I'm a bit of worrier so hope to hear back. 

It might be a bit of an infection. It's so hard to know, our bodies react in weird ways sometimes! It is still early days, but did the medical team give you any info on what to look out for afterwards? Maybe get it checked by your GP, just in case antibiotics are in order. Good luck. 

Anne x

Hi I've exactly the same and as far as I know that's normal it should ease soon hopefully, I was told to expect the colours of the rainbow and it's true, black, brown, green, yellow, pink, just in the second week after getting it done 

Hi so sorry for delay in coming back. Sorry for too much info but did you notice the watery discharge being a bit smelly. Not a horrible smell but strong enough, especially in the morning. Its been the same smell since the day after having it. The colour was clear, then pale yellow then a tiny bleed yesterday. Today it's been a little pink. I'm worrying unnecessarily I think as no pain or fever and smell has been the same since the treatment so I presume I'd get worse. Just a bit worried a I had the bleed yesterday. It's confusing as they only tell you about water discharge not the colour change. Did you get all this too. I'm 9 days post treatment now x

Yes totally, and the mornings were worse for me too but now it's stopped thank god, yes got all that so don't worry, my back even killed me and I suffer with my back but was a different pain to the normal one so after 5 days of nearly going out of my mind I went to my gp a kidney infection flip sake, I taught it was part of it and the infection was bad so on antibiotics(never had a kidney infection) 

Oh Thankyou so much for telling me that you've had the same thing. The leaflet from the hospital us so brief. Weirdly today its turned to blood. Not a lot but it's definitely red. its not my period as that's not due for another 2 weeks. I presume thats normal too. Hope your feeling like the light is at the end of the tunnel. No worse oain than kidney pain X

Ya I had bright red blood for only 2 days some people get there period faster and heavier(I don't get them with the coil in, the doctor was able to leave my coil in thank god) I'm over all the lletz discharge but was a long 2 weeks with it, think the pain of the kidney infection was the worst but that's eased now too, You should be nearly over the worse of it now in a few days please god, i envy men sometimes lol xxxx

Fab. Let's hope so. Good luck with your kidney infection. x

Thanks and good luck with ur results xx