Cold coagulation after effects?

It seems like more people come on this forum after the loop treatment for cell removal, but I’m wondering about people’s experiences after cold coagulation?

I actually wasn’t told that was what I had - the process wasn’t named, just explained to me in terms of what it did, burning off a layer of cells from the surface of the cervix (in my cases because the consultant thought everything had been removed by the biopsy, but when the results turned out to be CIN2, they wanted to do some treatment as a precaution because I’m over 30).

Anyway, I know I’m kind of looking for reassurance I probably won’t get because everyone’s recovery can probably vary, I just hoped I could get some kind of indication of how others have found it because mine is worrying me a little. I think I know it’s just anxiety because nothing has been beyond the realms of possibly being “normal”, but I just find uncertainty hard right now.

Because I’d had such relatively minor treatment, a very small area and almost superficial burning rather than the actual cutting of lletz/loop, I thought/hoped I’d get off light and at first it seemed I did.

I had no bleeding at all, bar the tiniest pinkish stain when wiping, which probably makes sense as the burning probably cauterises and nothing is actually “cut”. I didn’t have any real discharge for at least a couple of days. Then I did start to get a clear watery discharge, so I was like oh, OK, not going to get away with nothing after all and they did say to expect this.

But now I’ve basically got my period four days early which is unusual for me. I’m not like clockwork, to be fair, but I’d normally only be a day or two early or late. It does seem like it could be my full period rather than just some bleeding because I’m prone to migraines - I don’t only get hormonal ones, but hormonal ones are almost guaranteed. When I had one for the last few days, I put it down to the heat/dehydration/lack of sleep - I didn’t think about my period because of the timing. But then I got cramps so bad they woke me up at 4am today and discovered I was bleeding, normal lighter coloured day one of period type blood, but maybe a little more than would be normal for me. A couple of painkillers seems to have worked and the cramps have subsided - I’d normally suffer longer on day one without painkillers doing much good, although my periods generally aren’t too bad at all compared to some.

Everything I’ve read says this can happen, although by “this” I mean official NHS advice just says periods could be affected. I think the uncertainty of not knowing for sure what’s going on is just hard given where my anxiety levels have been pushed to lately. I’m really sensitive to the least little period-related thing because it was one/two slightly wonky periods that started all this - I got it into my head I was having hot flushes, so when my period was much lighter than normal and then came again two weeks later (I’m not on the pill or anything like that), I convinced myself I was hitting early menopause and really fell apart. My GP confirmed with blood tests that everything was totally fine, did a smear literally just to be thorough and to get me done and dusted while I was there because of the Covid-related backlog in the normal screening programme. I went away reassured and thinking nothing of the smear at all, until BOOM, results gave me something else to worry about.

So yeah, a wonky period after treatment isn’t easy to handle right now!

Hi i didnt want to read and leave, when i had my first smear a year later than i should of i had similar results to yourself but when the biopsy came back they advised i should have treatment and i was given a 1 page leaflet about what i was having. That was when i found out it was going to be cold coagulation i myself suffer from generalised anxiety disorder so this sent me into a bit of a worry spiral and found when trying to gather information about the treatment there wasnt a lot out there compared to the Lletz/loop but then came across this page.

I wrote my first post in the hopes i could prepare myself and a few commented who had the same which was reassuring it made me feel a little more ready for it but once i attended the appointment i did have a meltdown before going in and eventually found after opting for the LA this was the worst part of it.

I did find very little discharge happened for me but about 3 or 4 days after i had my period which was odd as i only finished one a week prior to the treatment but also found this one a lot more painful cramping wise and also heavier it did seem to last a little longer and seemed the blood was a bit different to my usual i even phoned to make sure it wasnt an infection as i have a very poor immune system but was reassured, i have since had the lletz more recently and found the healing is kind of more expected like you say because there is cutting rather than just burning.

I fully understand the concerns you have but i can assure you once the healing has occurred the worry should ease im now grateful that my first treatment was cold coagulation as ive later found out they prefer to do this treatment if it is low grade plus for people that havent had children or finished their families yet x

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Thank you for sharing your experience!

It does seem like the heavy first period thing is not unusual even with cold coagulation - it turned out I spoke too soon about the cramps quickly disappearing. I had a full day of quite bad ones and yeah, the bleeding is definitely heavier than is normal for me, although I know it’s still probably not that heavy compared to what some women have to deal with as their normal!

I guess I just have to hope that everything continues to go to plan and heal up. It’s all been such an ordeal mentally and it’s hard to put it behind me with such a physical ongoing reminder!

I use to struggle with heavy periods when i was younger to the point my blood sugar would get quite bad and my mum would have to have a stash of snickers as i was prone to passing out momentarily and lived with a hot water bottle no matter the weather because of the cramps but as i have got older its only once in a blue moon now but after treatment it has been very similar to when i was younger minus the blood sugar issue it can be worrying especially as the docs mention bleeding and slight cramps and what can happen such as any discharge but it doesnt fully prepare you to be honest.

I always saw it as the cervix being sensitive as i always found if i had a smear or coposcopy close to being due on my period had come a bit earlier than expected and always felt more crampy and a little heavier so treatment was going to intensify that slightly it was my way of rationalising to myself to help keep my anxiety under control and i always felt if i was concerned i had the option of contacting the hospital where the treatment was done and how they probably get a lot of calls that isnt anything to worry about but are happy to help x

So it’s now two weeks since my cold coagulation and I’m still bleeding, although my period is a factor in that and it hasn’t been constant bleeding.

My period was due on Wednesday past, but actually started the Saturday before (normal for me would only to be a day or two early or late). When it started, it was heavier than normal for me, but not distressingly so. Then it seemed to stop abruptly on the Monday, but then it started again - spotting at first and then a little heavier at times, but not as heavy as a normal period.

I’m struggling with anxiety at the minute, as outlined in another thread, but this is just a vague “Oh I wish I knew for sure what’s going on with this” rather than a source of serious concern. It’s just such a hard thing to know if you’re healing or not when other factors can be at play - not like peeking at a scab on your knee under a plaster lol!

It has only been two weeks and everything says around four - I guess I’d hoped I’d get off lighter due to my treatment seeming to be the milder option, but I guess I just have to try to be patient like everyone else. Easier said than done though!