How much is too much while healing after treatment?

I know there’s no universal answer to this, but I’m just wondering if anyone has any advice based on their experience of the healing process?

My actual treatment was a small amount of cold coagulation and loop/lletz seems more common, but after 10 days or so, it seems like the side effects are similar - period-type pain for a couple if days, watery discharge, slight disruption to my first period and slightly heavier than usual bleeding with that and I’m assuming I may be getting off a little lighter than some as my treatment was for such a small area.

But I’m very paranoid about not ending up with an infection or otherwise delaying getting the healing part over and done with.

The only thing I was actually told at my hospital appointment was no sex for “two or three weeks”. I probably should have asked more questions, but I wasn’t really thinking too clearly. All the advice on the info part of this site seems very lettz focused, but I saw no harm in following it as it just made sense - no heavy exercise, no baths or swimming…

But as I mentioned, I think I’m probably a bit too paranoid about it - I’m not a gym person, so that’s not an issue, but I’m stuck working from home at a very desk-bound job and hiking has been the thing that’s kept me sane - it’s also been the go-to thing to do with my bf during Covid. I’m assuming some people have had to go back to jobs that keep them on their feet much more than mine, and here’s me scared to go a decent walk in case I end up causing more bleeding!

I think most of the reason I’m so anxious about it is not wanting to have to miss out on intimacy for any longer than necessary. There’s been nothing but understanding and patience from my bf, but I’ve hated that it’s a relatively new relationship and he’s had to deal with me being so scared and upset and now having to explain about discharge and other things that aren’t exactly pleasant!


I had what was described as a average lletz ( so not extensive). In the end I just had cin 1 with what were described as foci of 2. I had that at the end of May.
I think everyone is different but I wouldn’t have been having sex before 6 weeks. I had a difficult recovery however and to be honest am not really healed now completely. So my experience isn’t necessarily relevant to you. I am also 55, though very well in general.
I wouldn’t worry about hiking though. I reckon that will be fine.
I also was in a fairly new relationship. I reckon actually it made it stronger.

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