Clear biopsy results but MDT?

Hi everyone, just wanted some advice on if I can be thoroughly happy and relaxed about my results…

Had persistent HPV but always normal smears so was sent for colposcopy in October. Nurse thought potential CIN1 and took 2 biopsies “one from the top and one from the bottom” were her words.

I got my results today after 5 weeks of panic and anxiety and they said still got HPV but no abnormal cells, so my case will be discussed at the MDT meeting on 1st December.

Is this good? Of course I’m pleased there are no abnormal cells i am just not sure if I should be concerned that I’m still being flagged in the meeting? I kind of think what could be offered to me if there are no cell changes?

Thanks for any responses x

Is anyone able to shed some light on this? X

I am not medically qualified but I do know from my own experience that whenever there is any discrepancy between colposcopy/smear and results, the case is discussed at an MDT meeting. It might help to reassure you if you talk to your team or contact Jo’s helpline or the Ask the expert service. It sounds to me as though your team are just being thorough and following the protocols. I hope this helps to reassure you.

Thank you so much!

you’re welcome!