CIN3- Watch and Wait


I had my first smear at 21 (US) and it came back abnormal because of my age I was told to watch and wait and return for another pap in 1 year. I was sure to return in 1 year (Jan.2019), at the exam I was told I had a fryable cervix and had a few polyps, my physcian told me this would most likley not come back normal and that I would be referred to a larger clinic for a colposcopy. I had the colposcopy performed 3 weeks later. The results came back as CIN3. The doctor told me because of my age that we should watch and wait and repeat the colposcopy in 6 months.

My next appointment is scheduled for August 2nd and I am a nervous reck that it will come back as cancer. I have stopped taking my hormanal birth control that I have been on for the past 6 years, but recently sex has become painful so I am worried that it is cancer. 

Has anyone else gone through a similar situation?



Are you able to get an opinion from another doctor?x

If your unhappy I'd ask for a second opinion but hopefully my story can bring you some comfort at 28 my smear and biopsy they said showed cin 3  but with no hpv my treatment was pretty rushed and I had no time to think it all through. 6 weeks later my results came back and my leetz showed no cin at all now I'm not sure if they cleared themselves or weather the biopsy was wrong but I wish I had been offered this watch and wait approach which may have stopped me having treatment unnecessary. But ask for a second opinion if your not happy it's perfectly within your right I wish you well xx

Please remember that scientists estimate that even with CIN3 it takes 10 years or more to progress to cancer.

Could the pain during sex be because you are tense and worried? 

Good luck on the 2nd.


3 years ago I was told I had pre cancerous cells in my cervix, I had to have an Lletz procedure done and the results came back saying it was clear. I also went for gynecological physiotherapy afterwards.

Before i knew of anything, sex had become uncomfortable for me and I noticed little blood droplets afterwards, initially I thought it was PIDS ( pelvic inflammatory disease, although I hadn't caught as an STI/D which is the most likely way of getting it, I had had PIDs before and the pain I felt was similar to it, so that why I went and got checked )  it was actually the family planning/sex clinic that took a sample from my cervix, wrote to my doctor who then arranged a referral for the Lletz procedure, but my cervix looked "raw" at the family planning clinic, coz a nurse was checking me first and then excused herself to get a doctor who then made some humming and hawing noises and said I looked "raw" and needed further testing.

Now 3 years on, I was at the colposcopy clinic after my smears have come back with minor changes or as a mild infection for past 3 times in 18 months. As the consultant went between my records from previous attendance at the clinic and recent smear results she mentioned i had CIN3 and SMILE, I am still totally confused by this as I had never been told anything about this! But she looked at my cervix and said my Lletz had healed great and my cervix looked healthy, she started talking about the cells and tissues of the cervix, again I was at a lost of understanding! However she took 2 punch biopsies today and told me my results will be back in 5-6 weeks and also mentioned about keeping an eye on me at the colposcopy clinic annually despite my results. This kind of has me worrying about what she knows or thinks and wont share with me...anyone else had this type of experience?

I hope everything is well for you all ladies and wish you all the best ❤

Jen xx