Hello -

i have just been diagnosed with CIN3 and need to go for an "urgent" hospital appointment to have a "biopsy".

i am presuming this is a colposcopy? they just used the word biopsy on the phone.

i am in the two week cancer risk window but cannot make the given appointment as I am travelling with work and now have to wait until Nov 1st.

The woman on the phone was very helpful but very serious and told me I needed to take this seriously.

So now I'm a little concerned but trying to be calm on the surface so not to alarm my partner.

How long until I get the all clear for CC? 


Thanks so much for this great community ladies. 



Hi Samantha,

i was urgently called in for a biopsy following CIN 3 diagnosis and it was all pretty freaky as I didnt understand what was going on but the treatment for me went from a local biopsy and loop treatment to being called in for a Lletz and then a cone biopsy over a 2 year period. In my experience they did the minimum treatment each time to remove the abnormal cells to prevent the CIN from spreading. Each time the process was a biopsy, I was called into hospital for urgent treatment, results within 6-8 weeks and then a 6 month follow up smear.

The local biopsy was done in colposcopy with a local anaesthetic and slightly stung but as with all of this I think the stress and worry can be the worst bit about it. That and having your legs up in the air as a stranger does the tests.

My understanding is that CC can take 10-15 years to develop from CIN 3 and Most importantly CIN 3 is not cancer. If like me you could be high risk depending on the strain of the hpv virus but thankfully all the preventative treatment has worked for me so far.

I think for your own sanity go as soon as you feasibly can as the most stressful thing is the worry. I've gone through a pretty horrible 4 years but thankfully seem to be on the right path. I've still got CIN and I've had a few different ops but I have managed to find a way of coping as time has gone on.

Write down any questions you have and consider taking your partner or a close friend for some moral support.

I hope it goes ok x