CIN3 V cancer margins

Hi everyone,
I was just hoping to get your opinions on what my colposcopist said to me on the phone a few weeks ago, she said that they’d found some early stage cancer in my lletz results, but the margins for this area were clear. When I asked her if the rest of the results had clear margins, she said ‘we’re not oncologists, so we don’t check for clear margins in colposcopy’.

From this,I can’t help but think that there’s a chance that there’s still some CIN 3 cells (or worse) potentially lurking as they haven’t checked that they’ve got it all?

I just wanted to see if this is common practice or if I should be more persistent in asking for the whole of the lletz margins to be checked?

Thank you!:two_hearts:


My understanding is that your sample will have been sent to a lab to get checked. All margins will be checked during that time.

If there were any unclear margins, you are contacted for another LLETZ (this happened to me and it was done a few days after I was given the cancer diagnosis).

You could ring again and hope to speak with someone different, or speak to your GP, or contact macmillan for support too.

Once you have a diagnosis of cancer you get free prescriptions in the UK as long as you apply, for 5 years. You can also get free parking at some hospitals for the length of time you are having treatment. Contact your hospital main desk to be put through.

I hope you have support after receiving the diagnosis.

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