Unclear margins after LLETZ

Hi ladies

Just received the results from my LLETZ last week and was told that they found a few CIN1 cells on the border of my sample. The nurse said not to worry too much as they cauterise the lining where they took the sample from and that will probably have destroyed any remaining CIN1 cells. Bit concerned because I was hoping for clear margins!

Has anybody else been in a similar situation? 

I have not been in that situation, but I would trust your doctors.  The usual protocol for CIN I is to wait and watch anyway, and I assume you will have a follow up in six months, so you should be just fine. I had CIN1 four months after a cold knife cone biopsy and we watched and waited and it was still CIN1 four months later. I know if is frustrating not to get the all clear, but the plan seems sound to me.


Hello Oms,

I had a similar situation I was diagnosed with Cervical cancer in amongst some CIN 2 and 3, I had two LLETZ and the final LLETZ still wasn't a clear margin, however today I have been for my follow up colposcopy and where they left the cells wasn't there, they said to me that it would be cauterised what was left over and this appear to have been the case for me. They did find something but it wasn't in the area that they said was left over.


I hope that helps,