Results Question

Hi ladies

Im new here, and although I have had abnormal cells for 13 years and after countless colp and biopsy I have only just recently had LLetz for them. I just had my results letter in the post and I have been given an appointment to revisit colposcopy in 6 months, and my result was CIN1, which I was relieved about, after 13 years years I was sure they would have progreesed into something worse. I see alot of ladies on here talking about clear margins, but my letter did not mention margins at all. Do all letters normally mention whether the margins are clear or not?

I am in Wales, not sure if different places have different letters?

Any experiences welcome, thank you x



Hiya, Hope you’re well and recovering from treatment ok. : ) Margins weren’t mentioned on my letter either…I’m in England. It basically said all abnormal cells appear to have been effectively treated and to return in 6 months for a smear. I phoned the colposcopy clinic to ask about my margins and was told that had they not been clear I would have been asked to return earlier and that my particular clinic doesn’t mention margins in the letters because some patients don’t understand what is meant by margins and they don’t want to create confusion. Fingers crossed now that you’ve finally had treatment, the bad cells are gone for good!! xx


I'd assume if it wasn't mentioned then they were clear - but I'd give them a call if it's playing on your mind - I know it would be for me x