CIN3 no clear margins no further treatment

Hi I'm new to the forum. 

I had Lletz treatment on the 11/9 I received a letter yesterday saying the biopsy found CIN3 and I am being referred to my GP for a smear in 6 months time. The letter was vague so I rang the clinic today to be told they couldn't get all the cells as its all on one side so a clear margin couldn't be reached so these cells will show up on my next smear in 6 months so I asked if I would need further treatment and she said it depends what happens with the cells. My consultant told me at my first appointment that these cells are basically the ones before cancer and my body isn't strong enough to fight them off. So I'm confused as to why they are leaving them? I'm just wondering if anyone has had similar? I'm so confused by it all. 

Thanks for reading x

Maybe the cells around the margins are only Cin1 as that can happen so altho the majority is CIN3 the bits surrounding would be cin1 I imagine and sometimes Cin1 goes on its own? Not sure but just a thought. Must be a frustrating result I would be confused also xx

Just thought I would update my post. 

well my symptoms have come back but worse I'm in constant agony with my back,bleeding quite heavily after sex. Bloated all the time. I've been back to the Drs numerous times all have said wait til March for your next smear then finally one dr has taken me serious she looked at my notes and it said my treatment was incomplete so she's booked me in tuesday for an examination then she said she will be ringing the consultant that dealt with me at gynae to see what's going on as I should have been recalled for more treatment if the first one was incomplete. I'm worried sick this has been ongoing since 2014 when my symptoms began I just want some answers x