Cin3 results,cells removed now a growth/polyp found weeks later


I would be grateful to understand more about what I am experiencing if anyone could please help..

I had an abnormal smear with hpv

Then a colposcopy and lletz to remove cells found these have come back with cin 3 results. 

During waiting for these results I have had large bleeds and a lot of pain. Feeling of pressure and pain in lower abdomen and pelvic area and this is affecting going for a wee. I was prescribed antibiotics for an infection  but swaps later showed I did not have one on further examination  a growth was seen that looks similar to a polyp but doctor said she could not say what this was. 

I am now waiting to be referred back to hospital to have this looked at further. I am in lot of discomfort and pain and wondered if I should be worried about what was found as silly as that sounds 


Thank you 






I don't have any advice unfortunately but I agree that this warrants a referral to colposcopy again. I hope your apt and results come quickly and that the polyp is just that. 

Sending love. Xxx

Thank you x