cin3 colpscopy result- but no biopsy taken - 23 years old

Hi I have just had my letter this morning from a colposcopy that I had 6 weeks ago to say that I have CIN3 severely abnormal changes. They did not conuct a biopsy at the colposcopy so I take it that this will be the next step and then I will have to wait again for ther results. I tested positive for HPV about 1.5 years ago. I wondering if anyone medical can tell me if these changes could just be an over diagnosis because I am young. Could it be cancer because I read somewhere that cancer cannot be ruled out until a biopsy is taken, if cells are severly abnormal. I had quite heavy bleeding in december after sex for two days which then stopped and then I started my periods again as normal. I am worried that this is a symptom of cervical cancer. I am going to call up on Monday to get my next appointment bought forward as it is not until the 6th March and I am very worried but until I can speak to someone on my next appointment I was wondering if someone could give me some advice or reassurance.


I wanted to comment and try and reassure you, Im not medical but from what I've seen n heard they would do LLETZ instead and test what they would remove. I have also had post coital bleedibut but mine is a minor cervical abnormality that they treated with cold doesn't always mean cancer. 

i think you would benefit from sending a question to ask the experts on here, I have done that n they were fabulous

good luck and keep us informed x

thanks for your advice I have wrote in to the experts just waiting to hear back.