CIN3 result


I recently had a LLETZ procedure and had my results back saying it was CIN3 and I’m discharged back to GP for smear in 6 months. Can someone explains what it actually means?

Is it like stage 0 cancer or pre cancer?! Just seems like I didn’t really get much info about what it meant.

Hi @E85

When we are discharged back to our GPs after a LLETZ, it basically means they were happy with what they removed within the procedure so the next step is for you to have what is called a test of cure smear 6 months after treatment where they will check the status of the virus (positive or negative) if you test negative you will be back to normal routine recalls in 3-5 year depending on your age and location, if the virus is still detectable you will be referred back to colposcopy and they will check the possible status of the cells to give the colposcopist an idea of what they can expect to see

CIN3 are precancerous changes where the full thickness of the surface layer of the cervix is effected by abnormalities, for them to progress into CC they need to invade/penetrate deeper past the surface layer… as these cells are severely abnormal but they arnt malignant and havnt invaded deeper, unofficially and on the internet it can be termed stage 0 however as with all cancers they use the FIGO system to stage us when cancer is identified, CCs official stages are through 1-4, as stage 0 isnt an official CC stage if the term is used its used to describe the true precurser/precancerous stage of CC xx

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Thank you that’s helpful :slightly_smiling_face: they should say that in the letter!

I hate those letters lol the very minimal information they give us causes us more anxiety than what we need, and they wonder why we google things so much lol xx

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I’m still gonna have anxiety for 6 months because I’m not cured until I have a clear smear am I?! So in 6 months they could say oh it actually goes deeper and still HPV there. Got to just try and switch off from it I suppose

You dont need to worry about the cells that were removed, if they didnt get clear margins they discuss the matter with other doctors who will then determine whether the wire from the procedure would have burnt away the remainder of the cells or if further treatment is needed before the 6 month follow up is offered

The test of cure is confusing, it sounds as though its done to make sure the abnormalities were removed successfully but as that has already been done with only 1 treatment being necassary its more to check that, if we are still positive and most do test negative after having a LLETZ, that the abnormalities havnt returned, it wouldnt be very likely for new abnormalities to form and progress to cancer within the follow up smear and colposcopy appointment timeframe

I had CIN3 removed last year with no mention of margins i first tested positive sep20, i was reassured as i wasnt called in for further treatment they must have gotten it all… my TOC 6 months later was virus negative so im back on 3 yearlies xx

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That’s reassuring! I first tested positive prob June 2019 and been on 6 monthly smears, gradually getting worse each time. I had no changes then low, high, severe. Had colposcopy, biopsies and then LLETZ most recently. I’ve had enough I’d gladly have hysterectomy if they find anything on next one. Just sick of feeling like I’m waiting to see if I’m gonna get CC. Take the whole lot away :sweat_smile: