Waiting for lletz treatment

Hi all 

after not having a smear for 8 years I finally went in March and results came back has positive for hpv and severe abnormal cells, I went for a colposcopy 3 weeks ago and got my biopsy results back as CIN3, I’m booked in for lletz on the 16th May and have been told they then test the abnormal cells again which I don’t understand as I’ve already had a biopsy confirming CIN3 I’m staring to worry as they may find something sinister.

i will appreciate any advice 

thank you 

Hi Deefer, my understanding is that the smear is taken to give an indication as to wether further investigation is required. Any smear result indicating CIN2 or above is automatically sent for colposcopy and either biopsies are taken to confirm the CIN level or if cells are very visible you are offered treatment to remove the area of abnormal cells. The treatment tends to be Leetz which removes the cells as an area of tissue and they sends it off to the lab for review, the result from that is then usually your diagnosis. Sometimes the smear result indicates one level of CIN but the cells removed during colposcopy can come back as a different level to the smear. My consultant said the most definitive diagnostic tool is the Leetz procedure.

I hope that makes sense.  Try not to worry, it’s always possible that they can find something more sinister, but it’s not the norm and is not common. CIN3 is also totally treatable by removing those cells, so don’t panic. Good luck xx

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply,

what the colposcopy nurse said I would have to come back for treatment then when that’s done come back in another 6 month to check they have all been removed no mention of getting more results until I read that people have been waiting for lletz results, it’s a very long drawn out process.