CIN3 confirmed result

Hello :)

I had my smear test at the end of January 2015.

Results came back with severe dyskaryosis. 

I went for a colposcopy on 24th February 2015...I had LLETZ treatment there and then and a biopsy.

I received my results today by post saying the diagnosis is CIN3 and to have another smear in 6 months.

Great news!

But I just have a couple of questions?

They say it takes years for cancer to develop so why do they now want me to go for 6 monthly smears?

Is it still possible to get cancer in a short amount of time?

Also, surely a biopsy should be done after the LLETZ treatment to give it time to work rather than doing it at the same time? 

I don't really understand cervical cancer and how it can occur when professionals say it can take 10 years to develop but they do smears every couple of years and still could find it?

Any information at all would be helpful!

Thank you :)

Hi Claire,

I cant answer all your questions but on the note of the LLETZ- they must have got clear margins when they did the LLETZ- meaning the edges of the tissue removed was free of CIN3. The 6 month chck up is a precaution but I bet you will be fine.

The most important thing to remember is that you know your body so if you feel you need a check up get it and get your smears when they are due. But also we cant waste out time constantly worrying about what may happen.

Great news about the all clear :)