CIN3 lettz appointment 2 months away

I am new to all of this , I had my smear dome back in March results came back I needed to go for a colposcopy as I had minor cell changes . I went end of April and waited 6 weeks for results , came back I have CIN3 and need lettz treatment but the appointment isn’t until 8th August so have to wait another 2 months then have to wait for the results ! Does this sound about right ??

Thank you
Becky xx

You're experience sounds very similar to mine. I had my smear done the first week of January and didn't have my Lletz under GA until last week. I'm so sorry you're having to go through this - it's frustrating and stressful, the waiting is so hard. You can call up and see if you can get a cancellation appointment, which can sometimes move the procedure forward. xx

I was just about to post this EXACT same question! I just got my CIN3 results back a week ago, but the appointment will likely not be until mid-August (doctor is going on vacation). She said not to worry because pregnant women have to wait up to a year to have the treatment done, but I kind of think that I don't have a baby inside of me that I'm will to sacrifice my life for, so let's get it done ASAP! I know that I and my family will be stressing about this everyday until it's over with, so the sooner the better...

Does anyone think it would be weird to ask for a different doctor who could do it sooner? Would a new doctor need to repeat the biopsy, etc.?

Hi thank you for your replys , I'm going to call up and see if I can get a earlier one but not holding out much hope . I'm confused by the whole thing will they then send another biopsie off ? Could it still be cc or is it just abnormal cells ? It is a very long process and them saying it won't cause any harm is not much comfort ! Hope you are all ok xx