Lettz Treatment CIN3

Hi All,

Just a quick question. Im 25 and had my first smear about 6 weeks ago. Results came back with high grade dyskaryosis. /Cin 3.

Had colposcopy on Wednesday, and had lletz treatment under local anaesthetic. Just waiting for biopsy results.

I was wondering if anyone knew the percentage of people that get diagnosed with cervical cancer after having Cin 3. I guess what im trying to say is whats my chances that I will have cancer.

Im so nervous for my results I cant bloody sleep!! 


Thanks Hannah xx

Hi I'm in a similar situation so i totally know how your feeling!

I also waiting on my lletz results and tbh same thing has been going on in my mind.... The what I f's.

Any how from what I have read on here and ither sites if it's cancer it us usually picked up from the smear or at the colposcopy.


How long did they tell you you would have to wait for results? 

I was told 8 weeks !! It's terrible isn't it!


Hi Rossanna, I feel like my family just think im being really negative but I suppose untill I get that letter I wont forget about it!!

They told me 2 to 4 weeks for my results. Not as bad really.. 8 weeks is ridiculous!

Fingers crossed for us both :) x

Hey girls. I had my loop on 28th april and was told 4-6 weeks. Its been 3 weeks today and still haven't heard anything! They say no news is good news so im sticking with that! Haha xx

I had cin3 too, and all along they told me that it was not cancer.  I think that's the point, that it isn't YET.  It is just a percentage of your cervix that is covered with the 'bad cells', but that they haven't turned into anything else yet.  I know it is hard not to worry, but you're in the best place here to share it. 


I had my LLETZ done last week and am not sure how long I'll have to wait. The consultant told me that if they removed a piece larger than 1.5cm there was a risk of premature birth or miscarriage, but that they couldn't tell how big the piece was exactly until it went to the lab. It's probably this that I'm most worried about! 

Also, my smear showed only mild changes, but the biopsy was CIN3, so now I'm worried that because it was deeper into my cervix they won't have removed it all as well. I think they said the chances of that were low, but I'm just worried because when they did the colposcopy, the doctor said she couldn't really see any abnormality on the surface so I don't know whether she took mroe because of that.

I've never posted on any sort of forum in my life, but after reading some comments and information on here I just really feel I need the support of people going through similar things. Has anyone had it where their smear said mild but biopsy high grade? 


Thank you xx