CIN3 first ever smear???

So I had my first ever smear test in November, age 24. It came back abnormal and I was sent for a colposcopy and had a biopsy taken. The results have come back that I have some low grade but also some high grade CIN3. I have an appointment booked to discuss LLETZ.

My worry is, that for my first ever smear to come back as CIN3 surely it can’t hold much hope for the future?

Does this mean I’ll always have abnormalities and have to go through this whole nightmare over and over again?

The waiting in between has absolutely killed me & I just can’t wait for it all to be over. What is the follow up after the procedure? And how likely is it that this problem will return?

Any answers will be welcomed as I just can’t wait for my appointment to ask them. Its driving me insane, throughout the day and also at night I’m having dreams. Thanks xxxx

I've just got my letter through about the appointment. It says that it will be done on the day, so I have called to check that it isn't just a discussion. 

I always had in my head that I'd be able to have a general anaesthetic (as I've seen on here people have had LLETZ done that way) but after talking to the lady on the phone it looks as though I don't have a choice in the matter. She told me that they only do it by local anaesthetic now apart from in rare cases. She basically told me to just suck it up & get on with it as the waiting lists are long enough and if u request a GA I'll be waiting even longer (my appointment is for March 6th) 

I'm so scared!! What actually happens at the procedure under LA? 

Hi, it's an awful thing to be going through and I totally understand the worry you are currently going through. Like you I too had abnormalities on my first smear before Christmas, although I wrongly waited until I was 31 to go and only did because I was having abnormal bleeding. I had a colposcopy and biopsy taken and it confirmed cin 3 so I was called for lletz treatment. I had that Tuesday last week under local anaesthetic and I can (try and) reassure you that the procedure is really not as bad as it sounds like it's going to be! The anaesthetic was slightly stingy but done very quickly and then the rest was totally pain free and all over very quickly. The doctor and nurses were amazing and made the whole process much easier. The waiting is definitely the hardest part! I hope this helps ease your anxiousness a little before your appointment! X

Thank you so much missd31.

Did you have the adrenaline with the anaesthetic? Heart palpatations and shakey legs? This is just one of the things putting me off. I've gone through Labour twice and keep telling myself its not going to be anywhere near as bad as that, but I just can't shift the anxiety. 

How are you feeling recovery wise? And are you still waiting to hear back or is that literally it? 




i totallly understand your worrying, I'm 24 and had my first smear it came back as abnormal cells. I had my colposcopy and treatment on 29th December. Just had a letter to say that my results will be delayed as they need to be confirmed :( this doesn't sound good to me. 


the waiting is the worst, if you need to talk I'm here. It's horrible and clearly the age needs to be lowered. 

I think you just know when something isn't right. I was convinced that I had something pretty bad, by the reaction of the nurse. My partner told me that I was reading into it too much, but I wasn't and wasn't really shocked when receiving the results. 

Same goes to you if you need to talk. Its one of the worst experiences and nobody seems to understand the anxiety and worry that comes with it. All I keep hearing is 'atleast they've found it' 'worry on the day.' Its not that easy and it is the waiting that's the worst part you're right.

Hope you get positive results xxxx

No I didn't experience anything like that. I actually suprised myself by how relaxed I felt and just lay back chatting with the staff in there! I have three children, youngest turns 1 next week, and I can assure you it's nothing like giving birth! 

Recovery wise, I had some watery brown discharge full of black grit/soot and mild cramping, didn't really bleed until my period showed her ugly face a couple of days later. That has definitely been heavier than normal. The black is still coming but apparently that's very normal. 

I was told that they would contact me with results as soon as they are back from the lab. It's been 10 days so far but definitely feels more like 10 weeks!! X

Hi girls,

            I had my first smear a few weeks before my 25th birthday last month. They found severe abnormalities which was sent by letter on 20th january. I got a letter for colposcopy and possible treatment of lletz if anything to worry about it 3 days later. I was a train wreck would cry over anything. Went in had colposcopy done had biopsy and lletz done on the same day under lA. Now awaiting my results. Its torcher waiting as they showed me quite high grade abnormalities. Im worried as i dont have children yet but would love to one day. Ive been very emotional. Ive experienced cramping, clear to brownish looking discharge which is apparently normal and a little bleeding. Wearing a pad for soo long is annoying whilst waiting for it to heal though. Having a supportive boyfriend and friends have really helped me they have been my rock. Hope all goes well for you x