CIN3 detected but no HPV at colposcopy

Hi I had a hysterscopy back in September last year and last week the hospital rang to say that they had surprisingly found CIN3 from the biopsy they had taken from the lining of the womb. As a result they sent me for a colposcopy to check the cervix however this was all clear. I also had a clear smear test in July last year. They are saying this has to now go back to a grip of doctors to decide what to do next but they asked me was my family complete. They said this can help decide what treatment is best. To me that means hysterectomy but I haven't really got a clue and I think I'm worrying about something without even fully knowing.

Has anyone else had this happen. I thought with CIN3 there would be HPV detected but like I say that was negative and my cervix is clear so I'm worried these anchorman cells are embedded deep somewhere.


I was also HPV neg. and HISL on colposcopy cells that came from the uterine neck.

Had  my LEEP a week ago.

Now I have yellow discharge and sometimes blood drops.

 I passed a strange round piece of tissue about 3 cm. with a hole in the centre of it. The surface was very rough on one edge and flat and smooth on the other edge. Ugly grey green colour. 

That was very  creepy! It must have been a 'scab' that came off. 

I have an appointment to speak with the doctor on Friday. Nothing that has happened seems to follow the 'normal' pathway I read about. 

Teeny83 - I'll let you know what he says. Hope your case ends up ok.


Hi Teeny,


I haven't come across this before but you can use the search on the forum to view previous posts and there's also the helpline and the ask the expert section.


On the plus side CIN III means it's not cancer. On the negative side, it means if left untreated then it is possible (not definite) that it could go on to create cancerous cells.


Do you have an appointment to discuss everything?


Maryjo, the fleshy lump is likely to be the paste that they put on us to stop the bleeding. I had quite shock when it happened as I had no idea it was something to expect.


I hope you both get information qui kly, the waiting is so tough x

So I've had my letter following the MDT and they have said that the biopsy taken from the lining of the womb does (unusually) show CIN3 despite my colposcopy examination being entirely normal.  They have booked me in to have lletz on 21st June to remove a small piece of tissue from the neck of the womb as the letter says the changes could be higher up the canal and not visible on the colposcopy.

This is fine I understand that they wouldn't want to leave CIN3 in there but they said this will be followed up in 6 months with a smear and HPV test to check it's all cleared.  The problem I have is my smear (July 2020) and my HPV test (April 2021) where both clear. The abnormal cells were found unexpected by a biopsy taken at my hysterscopy (September 2020) so what if it comes back clear again but it's still there.

It's all so confusing and getting me really anxious. I just hate all the waiting and not knowing.