CIN3 smear + negative colposcopy = ?

Hi everyone,

I have had a bit of a whirlwind two months, hoping to hear some similar experiences or opinions to help me make sense of it all.

My husband and I have been trying to conceive and I had a chemical miscarriage in August that led me to an obgyn. I had not done a pap smear for quite a few years and decided to do one with HPV testing just to have all bases covered.

The smear came back as CIN3 and HPV positive (Negative for 16/18).

I was referred for a colposcopy. I was pretty confused as my cycles were normal (25-27 days regular cycles) and I did not have any bleeding or pain - but went anyway.

After going through the colposcopy in September, the biopsy returned negative for malignancy and dysplasia/CIN.

However, “mild acute on chronic cervicitis with focal microglandular endocervical hyperplasia,” “basal cell hyperplasia suggestive of HPV virus infection” and “reactive epithelial changes” were diagnosed. And that I should be followed up very closely due to the Pap smear CIN3 findings.

My gynae has just said not much else - other than to repeat the PAP SMEAR in December. She called the lab to have someone reassess the thinprep smear, and they confirmed there were a few CIN3 cells present.

My questions:

  • Has anyone ever had such a non-correlating result?
  • I am wondering if this is a bigger issue that has been missed? How can a biopsy not detect some level of CIN if there were definitely CIN3 cells on my smear?
  • Is it possible for the CIN3 transformation area to be further up in the cervix or is that a totally different type of cells (CGIN)?
  • What does the rest of the diagnosis mean?

Sorry for so many intense questions. I am so confused and the colposcopy really sucked and the non-conclusion to my case is really upsetting me as we are really trying to conceive and not being very successful either. :frowning:

Hi, my biopsy has just come back as a mismatch to my smear.  They are going to recheck my smear sample again.  Have they said they will do this for your case.  my case has gone to an MDT meeting and I should have a basic plan by Wednesday.