CIN 3 6 years ago. Now HPV high risk



I had a biopsy in 2008 and  it stated CIN 3. I had the LLETZ treatment. The last two six monthly last year were negative, so I went onto a 3 yearly smear. The last few months, I've had some strange aching pains in my cervix. I attended the doctors appointment and he felt around my womb area. It was a little tender. I then had a smear. The result came back from the lab stating "negative smear but HPV virus is detected'. I then received a letter from my doctor (once they'd received my smear result) stating "your cancer smear test was reported as negative, but there is a high risk of HPV detected." I'm now awaiting Colposcopy. I am really worried now. I thought it had gone! Has any one else been through this twice? I am petrified I have cervical cancer or may need a full hysterectomy to stop the high risk reoccuring. Thank you. Louise

Hi Lou,

I honestly dont think you have anything to worry about. Your smear was negative which means you have no abnormal cells. You just have High risk HPV which can cause abnormal cells. The reason you have been told to have a colposcopy is to have a good look at your cervix to make sure you have no cell changes. Can i ask a personal question? have you changed partner since you had the cin 3 removed? The reason i ask this is because the treatment to remove cin 3 normally gets rid of the HPV virus so if you haven't changed partners since it may just be that your body has not cleared the virus and it has only just been detected because they have only recently started testing for HPV during smears. I hope this helps  Xx