CIN3 biopsy results - loop excision - anyone with this experience?

Hi All,


Looking for some reassurance I guess.


I had an abnormal smear (mild changes) back in Sept and was referred for a colposcopy. The consultant also agreed that the changes were low grade but did two punch biposys. I got a letter confirming CIN3 (high grade changes) but that they were looking for a second opinion due to the discrepancy between the initial tests and the lab results.


Regardless, I called them today and CIN3 is the confirmed result and so I am being called in for a loop excision. I have a few questions/comcerns and was hoping someone who had been through this could maybe help?

- is the loop excision procedure as horrible as it sounds?

- what do the results actually tell you?

- could this still come back as cancer?

- how could the smear/colposcopy be classed as low grade but come back as high grade from the lab? I feel paranoid that they've missed something!


Any response would be massively appreciated as I am getting a little crazy wtih worry :(

I had the lletz treatment back in October 2015, it’s not the bad honestly! The anaesthetix needle was the most painful bit, after that there wasn’t any pain just disomfort until the procesure was over. It didn’t take too long and in most cases that’s it all over and done with! 

I had the lletz two weeks ago I didn’t think it was as bad as it was made out to be , I felt no pain at all even when I had the injections of Anaesthetic (3) even after the procedure it was only minor cramps 




i had lletz in Feb this year and honestly it wasn't bad at all. thsi confirmed I had CIN3 which had been removed with clear margins. Just been for 2nd colposcopy in which I had punch biopsies - now to wait on results

It's hard not to panick  I'm still convinced I have cc but good luck, the lletz will be fine  




Recently received a very similar prognosis! Pap came back with mild dsyplasia but a colp three weeks later confirmed CIN3. Her attitude changed from my first visit to my last. My first visit she drew a diagram and explained where I was and where I didn't want to be. I am where I didnt want to be and just remembering how she explained the diagram made me shake... she said it's not uncommon the biopsy would show more and that's exactly why they do it....  I am scheduled for the Lletz in two weeks. Best of luck to both of us!

Thank you for your replies.

You have all made me feel slightly less worried about the actual procedure itself but my main worry is the results and what happens from there I guess :(


@oliveme it totally freaked me out that it could go from low grade to high grade so quickly! Didnt help that my letter said 'there is nothing to suggest cancer but...' - is this standard wording? did you letter say that too?

I am now waiting for my letter, which she says she was sending yesterday, to confirm my appointment. Is it possible that the loop excision wouldnt get it all? What happens if they don't?

Good luck to everyone, I hope we all get the news we want after all of this xxx