Advice please! Awaiting CIN2 Treatment

I am 25 and have only had 2 smears. Both mild abnormal so I was sent for colposcopy 3 weeks ago. It was uncomfortable but not too painful.  They took 2 biopsies and suspected CIN1.

Today I received a follow up letter from my colposcopy appointment. They have found some pre cancerous cells,  CIN2, and have booked me in for treatment on 6th Jan. I am very nervous and looking for reassurance from those who have had any treatment. I am going to call the nurse from my colposcopy on Monday but would really appreciate any support in the meantime.


Thanks x

Hello hun! 

First - deep breath! Try not to worry yourself. I've heard that the treatment isn't too bad, and it's almost like a colposcopy. Is it the lletz treatment you're having done? I can't really advise you on this one hun as I haven't had this myself (still waiting for my results from biopsy) but if you're worried, contact the nurse for some reassurance! :) I am sure from reading what other people have posted about it, it's not that bad. I think it's just the injections they say are a little painful but over within seconds and the whole thing takes about 10 minuted, so over pretty quickly :) just don't panic - you will be fine! 

Good luck!! Keep us posted xxx

I had a Lletz treatment on monday and found it completely fine. The only negative part of it for me was the local anaesthetic, the adrenaline in it makes people very shakey and some have a high heart rate. Felt absolutely nothing during the treatment. It's obviously going to be emotionally draining, but don't worry yourself about pain. You'll probably have a nurses hand to squeeze if you're nervous. Best of luck with it all x

Hi there please don't worry (easier said than done I know!) I personally found the biopsies worse than the treatment (and the biopsies weren't that bad, I think it was because I didn't know where I was going, who I was seeing or had any idea what was going on). I did get the shakeiness and high hart rate but I think if your prepared for that its not so bad. Best of luck and keep us posted x

Thank you for the support everyone. Really helping settle my nerves :) Have thr nurses number to call her on Monday so Ill find out exactly what's going to happen then. Just a pain its such a wait until Jan. Though slightly reassuring as if they were more concerned they'd see me sooner.

Hello :) i also found out today i have CIN2 and waiting for my appointment date.. I wasn't really expecting it as my smear showed mild changes and she confirmed that at the colposcopy!

I find it quite bittersweet - not to be insenstitive , as i have said to a few people that i  really didnt want to wait 6 months to see if it had gone away, so a real mix of thoughts, glad it is getting treated sooner rather than later and also being quite worried and nervous. This is also my first smear so i feel we're both in the same boat :) Hope you're not worrying too much.. I first looked on here when i had my letter stating abnormal changes and it has made me feel much better about the whole thing too xxxxx


Hi Linzi, have you got your app date yet ? I was due in on 6th jan but they cancelled it and rebooked me for 20th which I can't do as ill be on my period. Now they ssy theres nothing until march! Very frustrating.  Waiting to call the gyno today for some more advice