Cin3 diagnosis

Hi, I'm new to this. Im 25 and from Scotland so had smears since I was 20. I've always had abnormal smears and eventually got invited for a colposcopy. Since then I got a biopsy in Auguat 2014 with result borderline Cin1, biopsy February 2015 with result Cin1 then my last biopsy in August 2015 came back with severe Cin3. I'm now waiting for my appointment to get my loop treatment. I'm quite worried as that's a massive change in 6 months. I also suffer from abnormal bleeding. Very nervous and worried about the treatment and the results that follow. Any advice would be appreciated. 

Hiya hun i too suffer with abnormal bleeding and my biopsy came back cin3, iv had lletz and waiting on the results from that... 


try not to worry you are not alone xxx

How was the lletz to get done? It's such a worry When it's changed so quickly from 1 to 3. Hopefully ur results come in soon. 




I'm the same and had LLETZ a couple of weeks ago, I was petrified before going but it definitely isn't as bad as you think it might be. It was over and done with in 5 minutes. I'm waiting for my results now. 

Easier said than done but don't worry. 

Hope everything goes okay for you xx


Hey, I had a clear smear at 25 and then my second one in august this year was CIN3. So I know that's 3 years but I was still shocked it could progress from clear to that so quickly, the nurse told me that it can happen in 6 months though if the hpv virus is there, but still much longer before it would progress to cancer (which it may not at all). As other have said, the loop procedure really isn't bad and is quick so try not to worry about that. They will remove the cells and can also give you a better idea while you're there of what's going on :) xx