Cin3 and SMILE

Hi everyone!

I'm just after some advice if anyone else has been in the same boat as myself. 

Briefly my story is...

I turned 25 in January, went for my first smear with my practice nurse which was unsuccessful so was referred to colposcopy clinic. General smear taken which came back as low grade dyskaryosis. Colposcopy and biopsies then taken which confirmed high grade cin3. Lletz procedure done 30/5/19 luckily no side effects from that. 

I recieved my results letter from the lletz which is the thing I'm confused about. 

It says it did confirm the presence of cin3 with the presence of SMILE features...the lesion was completely excised with clear margins. 

My case is now being discussed in their MDT meeting because of the evidence of SMILE. 


My question is...what on earth is SMILE?? 

Has anyone else been in a similar situation and can shed some light please? 

Thankyou in advance x

I wish I could help because I just googled it and it's gobbledegook. Phone up colposcopy and ask for a call back from a nurse. They have always told me I could do that if needed.