cin 3 & SMILE??

Hi everyone, just wondered if someone maybe able to answer a question for me?

I had lletz treatment 6 weeks ago whichI knew were for cin3 as I'd had a biopsy previous to the lletz, I waited a very long time as I was discussed at a mdt so was relieved to get the lletz over and done with. Anyway I received my lletz results yesterday which confirmed again they'd removed cin3 but then it goes on to say they've found evidence of SMILE and are discussing me at the next mdt AGAIN! As you can imagine I'm worried, and annoyed. There's no explanation in the letter, not date of mdt or anything. I feel like all I've done is wait for 6 months amd I'm still not out of the woods.

Anyway could somebody please enlighten me and explain what SMILE is please? The consultants secretary has no clu. Amd I cannot get in touch with the nurse as she's in clinic.

Any help would be much appreciated!




Louise xxx 

Hi Louise

How frustrating. I really feel for you, it must be very stressful not to know what is happening for so long.

I may be completely wrong but I believe that smile is when they can't decide if you have CIN or the glandular version CGIN or you have evidence of both. As the CGIN cells are higher up they are a bit more tricky to keep an eye on as not always reached on a regular smear. I am not medically trained at all but that is my understanding. How very rude and unprofessional not to discuss this with you and fob you off without any information for so long knowing they are holding meetings wothout you. If I were you I would contact my consultant and ask them to run through it with you, or see your GP.

hope you find your answers soon, do come back and post in case anyone else is wondering the same thing



Hi suzysooz

Many thanks for your reply. Yea it's quite frustrating. They just copy you in a letter sent to gp instead of sending a separate one out to explain. So basically it's another term for cgin? I have read up on that so if it's similar I know what they are! I'm going to try and get in touch with the nurse again on Monday and if I have no luck I'll make an app to see gp. I will definitely post back when I know more.

Once again thanks for your reply!


Louise x