cin3 and SMILE


I had my smear in February my results came back as high grade dyskarosis got my app

through straight away for colposcopy during that the nurse said she didnt understand

My smear results as all looked perfectly clear but she would take a biopsy anyway to be

Certain it took a long 4 weeks to hear back from that I had pre cancerous cell and would need

A Lletz I got that appointment with my results letter I couldnt go to it as I was on my period so re arranged

I had my app on 12/05/2014 before I had the treatment the doctor/nurse explained

I had CIN3 and SMILE and I know I should have asked at the time what SMILE was but I just

Wanted it over with anyway the same happened he said I looked clear of any abnormal cells

Has this happened to anyone else? And does anyone have any information on SMILE? 

Thank you


Hello hun! SMILE stands for 'stratified mucin-producing intraepithelial lesions of the cervix. I've copy and pasted a link for you to have a look at, as it's the only info I could find. Hope this helps

Big hugs xxx

It looks like it is something similiar to CGIN, to do with the glands. You could try the Ask the Expert on this website, or ring your colposcopy clinic if it's worrying you. Hopefully its all gone now anyway! xx

Thankyou for replying

I tired looking up SMILE myself but information isnt very clear

I am waiting back from my lletz result now after lettz treatment on the 12/5/14 hopefully wont be to long


Hi simone


Never heard of smile however if u go on search on this site which is under latest posts at the top on mobile version and type in smile the first and third results are ladies previous posts about smile. Yours is the second post x

I see this post was many years ago But i was just told i have CIN 3 and SMILE. Has anyone found anything new about it?