CIN3 and 24 weeks pregnant!

Hi, just wondering if anyone could put my mind at rest. Had my first colposcopy at 12 weeks pregnant to find out it was cin3, they decided to monitor me, had another at 20weeks which they said hadn't changed since the first so they will do a cone biopsy 8 weeks post pregnancy. Really scared about it being so close after birth, plus this is my 3rd and have 2 other little ones to look after aswell as baby. Does cone biopsy hurt or leave you in much discomfort? Can't afford to be off my feet or rest up! 


Hi Gemmyrons,

I had a cone biopsy, it didn't leave me in any paid. Maybe some period-like cramps, but nothing you should worry about. I did have mine under general anesthetic however as I also had lymph nodes removed from my tummy & groin - so was a in hospital overnight & groggy for a few days.

You need to have the bad cells removed - don't consider letting them stay and turning cancerous!

Best of luck!