CIN3 Following Cone Biopsy

I recently had a laporotomy to remove my pelvic lymph nodes and a cone biopsy at the same time. ( Pretty harrowing stuff!) I've had results back, the lymph nodes are clear (hoorah!) but my cervix still has CIN3 cells present. I'm not to happy about this. I'm due to have another colposcopy in 10 weeks time but I am feeling really let down that I STILL have problems in this area. I don't even understand the implications of this and I am hoping to speak to people who have had a similar thing happen so that I can get an idea of where to from here.


Thanks in advance =^.^=

Hi Sparkle,

How is your recovery going? Im sorry to hear you still have CIN3 after all you have been through. I had the same treatment to you but already dread my 3 month review. Hope you can get some answers.

Best Wishes


Hey Michelle,


My recovery is going well. I seem to be defying the norms of healing (not that I am complaining!) I get pretty tired still. I know what you mean about dreading the 3 month review, especially knowing that I still have CIN3 and need to have a colposcopy again. That kinda feels like I am back at square 1 again and I have to wait before I can close this chapter of my life. Sigh.... How are things going with your recovery? Has your sleep improved any? I hope you are healing well and are coping with the pain.

Hey Sparkle,

Good to hear your recovery is going well. I totally understand wanting to close this chapter and start a new one. I think Im recovering ok, although I was never told what to expect to be honest. My cone and nodes were done separately but my stitches I needed from the cone re opened so it defeated the purpose. Have you any issues walking 20/30 mins? Or numbness? I used to do spinning for an 1hr and have never felt muscle fatigue like i do now after a short walk :(

When is your colposcopy?



Hey Michelle, 

i'm not sure when my colposcopy is, they haven't sent me an appointment yet, they just said it would be in 3 months. I know what you mean about leg fatigue, I tried doing some leg raises the other day out of interest and they seemed so heavy I could barely lift them. Walking is tougher too, I have to sit on my butt a lot more when I'm out and about. My legs have been pinging and popping a bit these last few days to a point where I got so freaked out about lymphodema I put my thigh high sexy hospital compression stockings on! 

Hey Sparkle,


How have you been? My surgeon said he will do a colposcopy in June but he didnt mention CIN so think it may be just a precaution.  Ive noticed a huge difference this week. I was out and about all day Friday just sitting for lunch and I was fine. Almost feel back to myself.  


Hey Michelle (Oh, I'm Jess by the way) 

Things are getting more and more normal around here too, I had a pretty busy Easter, out and about doing things. I've had the last of those damn Clexane injections I had to give myself daily and the nurses clinic that was monitoring my wound has discharged me because it's all closed up and healthy looking. I've started counselling because I was really upset about all the unsavory things that were done to my body in hospital... I've got a bit to talk about! I'm glad to hear things are going well for you too. It's amazing what our bodies can do huh? The next step for me is a colposcopy in June where I will find out about this so called CIN3 that remains, until then I'll keep smiling :-)

Hey Jess,

Glad to hear you are doing well. Me too although my lady parts are swelling slightly again. What were the injections for? I'm not sure I've come to terms with anything, I'm just thinking about getting back to normal routine, planning the summer ect. The nurse did say it may hit me in 6 months though...delayed reaction kind of thing. After the cander diagnosis i just saw everything as something that had to be done. But we will see.

Onwards and upwards :)


Hi Michelle :-)

Man, I can't believe we're nearly at our 6 week mark! Bring on hot baths and roller skating! Ha, in all seriousness though I am still getting random swellings and pains too, things are up and down like crazy. My legs have been throbbing and pinging a bit these past few days which freaks me out because I DO NOT want lymphodema on top of everything else. The injections I mentioned were to prevent blood clots following surgery. It was a fun surprise to be presented with 30 pre filled syringes and a sharps bin the day I was due to be discharged! I got through it though and as mentioned finished my course the other day. You're lucky to have summer to be going into, I'm in New Zealand firmly on the way into winter, I even have the fire lit! I'm planning on heading away on a little winter holiday this year though so that gives me something to look forward to. Hope you've got some lovely things coming up. :-)

Hey Sparkle,

I know the time has flown by. I need to wait 8 weeks in total as my internal stitches from January opened. Although I have had baths or done anything else (my poor husband!)since my colposcopy in November as all my op were every 6 weeks! Im not sure i could inject myself...maybe my numb bits! I'm really squimish.

I had my appointment with the lymphoedma nurse last weeks and she identified the area I was worried about, confirming it is draining but not fast enough. I got some horrible pants/shorts but by mid day there is a buldge half way down my thigh.

Definitely go on holidays! I've just been declined a mortgage as my husband has bad credit history so we are going to take a trip.


Hey Michelle!


Poor husbands is right, I've been out of action all year too with various things, patient men they must be! Where are you going to go for your trip? Somewhere warm and sunny? That's the only thing wrong with my holiday, it will be all cold and snowy - I'm far more suited to a tropical climate. We had to cancel a trip to the USA to see my hubby's family due to my operations, so we are waiting to get our travel insurance back on that. I hope it happens, I had to give them so much information, I wouldn't have been surprised if they had requiested a HD video of the operation itself! 

The injections weren't too bad either, I never though I was going to be able to do it and the nurse showed my mother how to do it and she was going to do it for me but then she couldn't go through with it and I was like "give it here woman, I'll do it" and I ended up doing all 30 of them. Not something I want to repeat!